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Karsin Ebker shares his experience with Atlantis Crystal Healing

The Ancient Knowldege of the Atlantis Crystal Healers is accessible again

It is sometimes quite a long journey until you have found your true calling. I always thought that I had found my purpose and happiness in my professional career, as carpenter, meditation teacher, interior designer and artist. Now after more than sixty years with many highs and lows in my inner and outer life, I have finally reached my true destination: to work as Atlantis Crystal Healer.

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Feedback for the Crystalline Initiation Path

Shalimar is sharing her experience:

I took part in the Crystalline Initiation Path in October 2015. I had been an Atlantis Crystal Healer and Alpha Chi Consultant for 15 years already and I was very excited and also curious what kind of impact the initiations in the chakras and the new levels in the 8th chakra for the liquid crystal levels would have on me. This course was a highway into my own levels. It completely freed and expanded my inner knowledge and my soul potential. All of my levels are available to me, no matter what is going on in my life.

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Atlantis Crystal Healing in Bogota, Colombia

Saliarmo Valderrama Gonzalez completed the training in Atlantis Crystal Healing in 2011 at the Starlight Centre in England. He is a medical doctor who combines his medical knowledge and Atlantis Crystal Healing in one-to-one sessions and in workshops. He lives in Colombia in South America. We have asked him to share some of his experiences about Atlantis Crystal Healing with us:

Why did you join the training?

I joined the training because I knew that it is part of my life’s mission. I enjoy helping others and I love crystals; I think they are magnificent. I also joined because Deborah is a great teacher and she has so much to give.

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Atlantis Crystal Healing in Bavaria in Germany


Karaga Kugler-Neupert lives in Bad Koetzting in Bavaria in Germany. She completed the training in 2009. We asked her to share some of her experiences with us:  

• Why did you join the training?

I often saw connections of starlight and the crystal worlds during my meditation. I knew that it is one of my tasks to create flow, connections and new networks through crystals. During the training, I found deep access to the crystal worlds in the Earth and also in the ethereal world. With the techniques from the training, I can fully interact and work with the crystal worlds for Earth and human kind. I am deeply grateful for all of these possibilities.

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Atlantis Crystal Healing in Leipzig


Alijama Münster lives and works in Leipzig in Germany. She took part in the first training in Atlantis Crystal Healing in 2002. We asked her to share some of her experiences with us:  

• Why did you join the training?

Working with Atlantis Crystal Healing is fascinating and something that feels vey natural to me. I decided to join the training to learn a deep and powerful way of treating others.  

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Atlantis Crystal Healing in Zurich


Ors Degner Zimmermann completed the training in Atlantis Crystal Healing in 2012. He lives and works in Zurich in Switzerland and is sharing some of his experiences with us: 

• Why did you join the training?

People are usually very happy to receive healing sessions with crystals. Crystals can be touched; it is easy for them to accept the healing power and to be open for light through the crystals. I wanted to be able to offer this kind of work where people have something they can see and touch. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and experiencing and learning all the different techniques.  

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Atlantis Crystal Healing at a 5 Star Spa in Dubai


Ranina Monika Janz completed the training in Atlantis Crystal Healing in 2003. She worked as a holistic therapist in a 5 star luxury spa in Dubai where she offered Atlantis Crystal Healing and Starlight Essence Therapy. We asked her to share some of her experiences. 

• What was it like to offer Atlantis Crystal Healing in a luxury spa in Dubai?

It was exciting and very interesting. I had worked as a naturopath in Germany before I moved to Dubai. From my own clinic in Germany, I was used to people coming to me telling me their problems and wanting a solution. Many of the clients that I had in Dubai just wanted to experience Atlantis Crystal Healing. It was special that our spa offered these kinds of sessions. They had read the brochure and were curious. 

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Atlantis Crystal Healer in Greece: Sofia Ziana Keramida


Sofia Ziana Keramida is offering Atlantis Crystal Healing in Athens, in Greece.

We asked her to share with us some of her experiences.

• Why did you join the training?

Ever since I discovered the beauty, and all those wonderful feelings and experiences I had just by holding a crystal; and that at a very young age; I was trying to find ways to hold and be surrounded by crystals. I even started courses in jewelry making just to experience the different energies of the crystals. The journey is not so often straight forward but life always finds magnificent ways to lead you to where you have to go.

• What have you gained through the training?

The ACH training has given me so many gifts that I it is impossible to count them all. Most important is the reassurance of what we feel and experience when we are not hindering ourselves (as we do when we are children) that it is ALL true. The crystal worlds and their abundant light have helped me stand firm in my own light and grow, and that is exactly what I wish I get the opportunity to share further on. Amazing worlds and opportunities for self-realization are becoming available. It has been a privilege to attend and I feel deeply for my task of spreading Crystal Light in whatever way I can.

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