Fire Opal

The ACH Fire Opal carries the knowledge and the power of Shiva. It grants transformation and healing in the sacral chakra. It is especially supportive for trauma release. It enhances courage and confidence. The fire opal stimulates the dynamic, creative power and ignites the inner fire in the sacral chakra.
It helps you to reach independence; it strengthens your vital energy and enhances your inner power to be able to move on. It helps you to accept your own power and supports you to show yourself to the world.

Fire Crystals

Fire crystals are initiated with the holy fire. They support any kind of transformation.

ACH Fire crystals are used with a specific application on the body or in the aura. They penetrate hardened structures and help you to open for the new. They are especially supportive when a lot of things in your life are changing or are waiting to be changed.

Chakra Healing & Implantation

chakra crystals

The variety of crystals with all their unique colours and frequencies corresponds to our chakra system. Chakra crystals carry healing frequencies and light information, which is directly passed on to the chakras during the chakra healing and implantation. This increases the reception ability of light in your chakras and brings deep healing on chakra level. By diving into this personal healing space you can experience balance and harmony. Our chakras contain our own creation levels; we create our life based on our chakra potential. All areas of life and all issues always have an equivalent in our chakras. The colourful diversity of the chakra crystals is applied with these two methods. Wounds and injuries from the past are healed, creation levels and potential in the chakras are awakened, and deficits are balanced. You can experience your own light in abundance and your own completeness. Chakra healing and implantation reach to the deepest level and achieve healing in the cause of the problem. If a chakra is especially needy, the chakra implantation method creates a light depot in the chakra. The chakra implantation is also helpful to access new creation levels in your chakras.

Cellular Healing

Cellular healing

With this especially initiated crystal pair (obsidian sphere and crystal), it is possible to transform misinformation in the body cells. Anything from small illnesses like a cold to aggressive diseases like cancer, it is always the misinformation in the body cells that causes the symptoms. The obsidian sphere absorbs negative energy, the crystal brings in ‘healthy’ light information. This leads to removal of scum. Your body’s energy flow is stimulated; the self-healing and self-regulatory powers are strengthened as the body can take in the positive information straight away. This method can be used for any form of physical impairment. It can be used as a preventative measure or during times of illness. It is especially powerful in combination with crystal surgery.

Crystal Surgery

Crystal surgeries are done with two especially selected and initiated crystals. The laser crystal works like a scalpel: It cleanses and frees the affected area. The conductor crystal fills the cleansed area with new energy and light. Crystal surgery can be done for the physical body and also for the energy bodies. They penetrate the problematic fields and encourage a new flow of life energy. Crystal surgery stimulates your body’s self-healing and self-regulatory powers. All physical symptoms can be positively influenced with crystal surgery. It transforms stagnant energies and stimulates a new energy flow. The strong light power of these crystals reaches the causal level, which allows deep healing. Crystal surgery can be done as a preparation for a surgery as well as a follow up treatment. Crystal surgery stimulates the convalescence and your body’s vital energy.

Holistic Stone Healing

holistic healing treatment

Certain issues, diseases and behaviour patterns are related to your energy bodies, your aura or parts of your physical body. Especially systematic ailments or structures receive support through holistic stone healing, as the transformation happens at different parts all at once. Atlantis Crystal Healers comprehend the complexity and place the crystals according to the energetic pattern, which they perceive. A new, positive energy flow can be established; hardened or dense structures can dissolve. With support from the spiritual world, even persistent structures can be transformed. Everything returns to its natural place; the whole energy system is dissolved and put back together which brings a sense of liberation. Bonds and ties disappear. This method is particularly helpful when it needs a strong energy shift to be able to step out of existing structures.

Crystalline Implants


By using special storage crystals, it is possible to implant the light matrix into the physical body. This makes it possible to bring the complete original information back into dysfunctional or affected parts of the body. The body receives a depot with healthy light information. This works great to improve the regeneration of the physical body. Crystalline implants can be used for the organs and the locomotory system.

Rose quartz and malachites support the integration of the crystalline implant.

Herkimer Method

Herkimer crystals carry an extraordinary power of light, which makes it possible to use them for breaking through deep blockages. In connection with holy mantras and holy sounds the light power of the Herkimer crystals is released.

Blockages often have their root in the aura, even though the problems or issues appear in the physical body. The Herkimer method can be used for therapy-resistant cases, long standing issues with the business as it transforms the underlying blockage. Your own healing path becomes clear and you can move on with the right solutions.

The Herkimer method can be used for rooms and buildings, indoors and also outdoors when required.

Crystal Healing for the spine

The spine crystal frees and enhances the flow in the spine channel. The light channel, which flows through the spine, is a channel of devotion and the main energy flow between heaven and earth. The spine is a willpower / success organ and therefore, the flow in the spine is often affected and reduced by conflicts of willpower. The spine crystal cleanses the complete energy channel in the spine. Stagnant energies are removed. In combination with chakra crystals, isolated aspects can be brought back into the main energy flow. This brings relaxation and a feeling of unity with yourself. It helps you to accept all your aspects and to let go of what is no longer needed. As the chakras are located along the spine and the energy supply points for the organs are located close to the spine, work with the spine crystal positively influences your whole energy system. Tension due to bad posture or one-sided activities can be balanced with the spine crystal. Isolated conflicts, which affect your back and may have lead to therapy resistance, can be solved. The spine crystal makes it possible to let go of old issues and to open for a new flow. It helps the body to free itself from symptoms of somatisation.

Shiva Shakti Crystals for the spine

Shiva Shakti Crystals for the spine

The Shiva Shakti crystals bring a new flow into the spine channel. They create a new balance between male and female energies. Also, the energy flow in the chakras is adjusted to the new time. The Shiva Shakti crystals positively influence conflicts between willpower and devotion.

Planet Mandala

planet mandala

Certain crystals carry the energy of planets. The planet energies support your energy presence. The planet mandala uses this to create an individual power circle. Within this power circle, you can experience the uplifting influence of the planetary powers. The planet mandala enhances your own inner guidance. It is especially helpful in challenging times when guidance plays in important role in life.

The planet mandala helps you to open yourself for your own inner and outer guidance energy, to follow guidance and to invite this energy more into your life. Your own responsibilities and areas of expertise become clearer. With every time you step into this power circle, your power becomes stronger. The planet mandala can be created during an individual session or as a permanent power place in your own home or place of business.

Starlight Crystal

Starlight Crystal

Potentials and qualities show in the form of crystalline structures in our body and aura. These are qualities which we brought with us into this incarnation and which support us to reach our incarnation goals and to fulfil our tasks. They consist of crystallised starlight. Only when they are awakened, the related potential can be unfolded and shine through in our daily life. The starlight crystal brings the original light into the crystalline structures and brings them to life. This creates an instant energetic connection to your potential and helps you to live it. Working with the starlight crystals supports you to experience your own completeness. All what is waiting from the level of completeness for this lifetime, can specifically be brought to where it brings the utmost support. Awakening of crystalline structures is a great way to help you live yourself fully with all your aspects.

Lotus Diamond

The treatment with the Lotus Diamond can be applied for all chakras to connect with the fire quality and creation levels in each chakra and to raise the light vibration, or the treatment can be applied specifically for the heart chakra or the solar plexus chakra.

For the heart chakra the Lotus Diamond awakens and enhances the creation levels of the heart chakra.

For the solar plexus chakra the Lotus Diamond enhances to be in the flow with one’s self. It strengthens the golden light of peace supporting to live one’s own love and to take part in creation.

For indoor and outdoor spaces (home or business) the lotus diamond strengthens the heart chakra of the place.

Crystal Dorje

The treatment with the crystal dorje became available in 2016. It strengthens the creation flow from heaven to earth.

It brings stronger alignment to the divine guidance, in the axis to divine and the new light levels on earth in connection with the feminine creation energy (Shakti). The crystal dorje treatment stimulates a new creation flow in the chakras.

The Double Pointed Crystal

double pointed crystal

The treatment with the double pointed crystal became available in 2018 and in connection with the creation impulses and creation flow of the new time on this Earth. The permeability of the energy bodies wants to increase, so that the whole incarnated being can be more easily attuned and receptive for the leadership impulses coming strongly from heaven to earth from now on. The treatment with the double pointed crystal works on the chakra level.

Christ Fire Crystals

Christ Fire Crystal treatment

As the heart chakra era started in 2012 on earth there are many areas in our heart chakra which need conscious support. The Christ fire crystal strengthens your own light presence, the living of unconditional love and the awakening of your own creation levels in your heart chakra. This includes all areas of the heart chakra, from the physical body to the extended energy bodies. The Christ fire crystal enhances the inherent fire of love. The unity of time and space in the centre of the heart chakra can be experienced. Your own light from heaven is invited more to share it with the world.

Christ Fire tumble stones treatment

Christ Fire Tumbled stones

As the heart chakra era started in 2012 on earth there are many areas in our heart chakra which need conscious support.
The Christ Fire tumble stones are applied on the first six chakras. They bring alignment and adjustment to the light of Christ. They are harmonising and balancing. They stimulate a new light flow in all chakras at the same time in order to easily live your stronger light presence through your chakras. They let the light of Christ enter manifestation and help you to keep up a higher expansion in your chakras.

Sun Stone Treatment

The treatment with the Sun stone brings the golden fire of Agni, the white crystalline light in connection with the energy of the Sun, into your solar-plexus chakra and the sacral chakra. This treatment helps to accept one’s own power and promotes the realisation of one’s own visions.

ACH Crystal Pyramid

Crystal Pyramid

This is one of the more recent ACH treatments that became available in 2015.

The manifestation of the new Golden Age and rising of the collective consciousness is happening in waves and 2015 marked a significant increase of the new light levels that became available making a lot of old structures redundant and disintegrated.

There is an inherent deep call from the wisdom of our body and deep soul longing to connect with this stronger presence of light, to transition into being in alignment with the new time of empowerment, to live our creation power and our creation tasks. Some of us experience it as a burnout and exhaustion of the old structures that no longer work. For others it might show as guilt and old guilt related structures coming to the surface.

The symptoms might differ, yet the common theme is that we have this inner knowing that there is something dormant within us, something we have been storing till the ”time is right” and it wants to come alive again.

To promote living our creation power in devotion and alignment, the creation spaces within the chakras are to be opened. The focal point is the heart chakra and then all the other chakras are getting aligned to it.

Double Pointed Pyramid treatment

The ACH treatment with the double pointed pyramid supports the five element cycle in the body by bringing in the new creation levels of the five elements.

This treatment became available in 2018 to stimulate a new flow within the body by using the small pyramid on the acupressure points for the 5 elements around the navel.

Aura Balance

aura balance

One-sided use of our energy creates imbalances in our aura and affects the harmonious flow between our energy bodies. ACH Aura Balance uses two crystals. They are moved in dynamic circles around the body to transform stagnation and encourage a new flow.
Aura Balance is great after one-sided activities such as desk-work, working in front of a screen, studying, etc. It is also helpful when one chakra has been used more than others or when energies are trying to shift. Aura Balance brings all aspects back to their natural place, which creates a great sense of balance. Aura Balance can be used near the physical body as well as in the expanded energy bodies. It promotes communication between the different energy centres.

Vision Crystal

vision crystal

Vision crystals give insights into your own life path. They grant visions, which make it easier to comprehend your own steps of development. Supporting hints from the non-polar level appear and spiritual guidance can be experienced. When you are about to make important decisions in your life or business, the vision crystal is an excellent opportunity to receive insights beyond your own experiences and imagination.

The Golden Crystal

The golden crystal carries the light information of the golden original crystal. It serves the purpose to bring the light of the golden waves for the new golden age into our bodies. The golden crystal creates adjusts your vibration frequency to the golden light. It eases the changes which are happening due to the global transformation on Earth in our physical body and in our energy bodies. The golden crystal makes it easier to integrate the golden light and to bring it into a flow. The golden crystal penetrates areas and layers, which are hindering the ascension process. The golden crystal brings a harmonisation between your body’s energy and the light that wants to be part of your life. It raises your energy. Light impulses from your heaven and from your own worlds of light can communicate more freely.

With the golden crystal the support from the golden light from heaven can be brought into rooms and spaces (indoor and outdoor).

Light Matrix crystal

In the earth’s atmosphere, the light matrix of earth is forming. This light matrix carries the creation information for the new age. The light matrix crystal brings the equivalent of the light matrix (your individual light matrix) into your energy bodies. Through the chakras, which represent our creation levels, these light matrix impulses are brought in through the crystal. A new structure is formed, which matches your own light being completely. This gives stability during times of change in your life.

The light matrix crystal works in the causal body and in the astral chakras. It supports the synchronisation between the physical, incarnated beings and the light beings. The light matrix crystal creates new resonances for your own light. It helps you to experience yourself as a light being in your true greatness and to become the creator of your life.

It also brings the new light matrix in for your business, for your projects and for your home.

New Creation Levels of Light

The crystals for this method carry the energy of the black-golden ray and the treatment focuses on new creation levels of light. You experience the nurturing and the support by this new energy whilst lying in the healing space created using specially initiated 21 golden citrines, 21 black obsidians, ametrin and a clear crystal.

New Consciousness Levels (2020)

Consciousness Levels

This treatment is about the new consciousness levels, which become accessible during 2020.

The new method serves the purpose to open these awareness levels in a person and bring the new levels to earth into their life.

The client is lying down on the floor in the healing space created using specially initiated 21 golden citrines, 21 clear crystals, one small pointed clear crystal placed on the forehead and one ruby. The client receives insights, visions and gets in touch with the knowledge.

Light Seeds from the Earth

The access to the Light Seeds in the Earth treatment is one of the most recent methods and it became available in 2019. The crystals used in this treatment create the connection to the light seeds stored in the Earth. You experience the qualities of the light seeds collecting the information that shows. For some it might also be the information about geographical places on the earth where there are light seeds stored for them, that they can access now.

This method works with the set of 7 tumbled yellow-golden citrines, red garnet and 2 tumbled clear crystals.

Light Seeds from Heaven

The access to the Light Seeds in heaven treatment is one of the most recent methods and it became available in 2019. The crystals used in this treatment create the connection to the light seeds in heaven, that now want to come to the earth. You will make contact with the light seeds in heaven, open yourself for the flow from heaven to earth and experience what new wants to come into your life and your business.

This method works with the set of 7 tumbled yellow-golden citrines, red garnet, 7 tumbled clear crystals, purple fluorite and tumbled clear crystal.

White Golden Lotus Crystal

The White Golden Lotus treatment strengthens the presence of light, brings healing and helps to unfold new potential for the new time. Layers of isolation, oblivion and feeling separated from the origin will dissolve.

This treatment works with a set of 4 clear crystals, 4 golden calcites and 8 green fluorites creating a healing space and the white-golden lotus crystal.

Infinity Crystal

The Infinity crystal treatment is one of the most recent methods and it became available in 2019. From the stream of infinity in the blossoming times of Atlantis, in unity with the new creation flow, it shapes new lightful structures in the energy system of all seven chakras according to one’s creation levels. The light from heaven flows into the aura and you will experience the corresponding light levels. This method works with the set of 48 tumbled clear crystals, 4 pointed crystals and the Infinity crystal.

Crystal Peace Bagua

peace bagua

The Peace Bagua treatment became available in 2020 and it serves the purpose of regaining access to the divine peace energy, which was brought to earth during the blossoming time of Atlantis. Divine peace was the ultimate aim of the solar plexus era on Earth. Peace and bliss intertwined, this is what Atlantis Crystal healers are to bring in now – for places, individuals, groups and businesses.

For this treatment it needs a combination of specially initiated high grade crystals, sacred mantras and a practitioner who has received the special initiation to be able to bring this peace. Through the unison of the infinite flow of bliss and the flow of divine peace ACH practitioners can open the peace locks, that exist at various places and in the energy field of people. This stimulates the creation flow of peace on earth, which has been silenced or interrupted through the downfall of Atlantis. At these places there are “pots” of golden peace which become accessible. When they are opened, the golden light of peace starts to flow.

The transformation of unresolved issues, levels and aspects into peace takes place.

This treatment may also be offered via distance using video call.

ACH Peace Fire

peace fire

The Atlantis Crystal healers Peace Fire became possible in 2021. Before these peace fires were the eternal fires that were kept in the sun temples during the time of Atlantis. Through this Peace Fire, the divine peace and bliss will come into the active flow of life in a new form.

ACH Peace Fire is part of the divine blueprint for the new time. It not only calms the solar plexus in the sense of making peace with old experiences, but it also helps to build up the peace energy and the new light structures.

With the Peace Fires, existing old structures and existing power structures, which still maintain the conflict on earth and which refuse the light, can be penetrated.

ACH Peace Fires make it easier to open the locks of the pots of peace from the blossoming period of Atlantis which are waiting to come to life as a liquid golden stream of light wherever it corresponds to the natural law.

With this fire quality not only places are touched and the sun temples energy presence is raised, but the beings can also be touched with this Peace Fire. They are touched in their core, their own golden inner core, in their core qualities that want to find expression in their life.
It is a very rich, warm, golden stream of light that naturally penetrates everything that has laid itself as layers around the core.

ACH Peace Fires connect directly with the divine creation levels of peace and with the original light. They support all forms of crystal healing and other forms of light healing.

This fire can surround the new DNA as a protective cover.
It creates a sacred space in which it is easier to open up for the new levels of consciousness.

ACH Peace Fire video

ACH Amethyst Point treatment

Specially initiated ACH Amethyst Point is used as a transformation crystal.
The treatment works on energy purification for the mental levels, head and mind, to make the whole being more permeable and receptive for one’s own higher levels of light and creation that want to come into life. Great anti-brain fog treatment and great support for adjusting one’s physical and energy bodies to the new DNA.

ACH Amethyst Point treatment became available in 2022.

Protection Crystals

Protection crystals create a particularly strong power field to prevent energy transmissions into your own aura and to stop others from draining your energy field. Protection crystals are initiated with a special Feng Shui sign so that they can unfold their potential to create a protection field. They should be worn in the area of the heart chakra and cleansed regularly. They help you to be more aware of your own energy level and to keep it expanded. Protection crystals are very helpful for people who live or work in difficult circumstances and who are exposed to challenging situations or dissonant energy structures. Protection crystals help you to look after yourself and handle energies with more awareness.

New Moon Crystals

The manifestation of the Golden Age is happening in waves. The golden light from heaven brings the light impulses to earth which are received through the Shakti energy. New creation is creating itself. This follows the rhythm of the moon as the female creation energies are connected with the rhythm and the cycles of the moon. With every new moon, new energies are coming to earth. These new energies are charged into the new moon crystal. New moon crystals are carried on the heart chakra. They enhance the flow of the golden waves to earth. They support each individual but also earth in its new creation flow. The more people wear a new moon crystal, the easier the light from heaven can unite with earth. For the individual, the new moon crystal supports the flow from your own heaven to Earth. It brings joy and ease into your life.

Power Places and Stone Circles

Powerplace-creation levels of Light

Atlantis Crystal Healers can create power places with nature stones and also with specific crystals. It is possible to create stone circles with nature stones which serve as power places, places of healing and wisdom. They are created for specific topics in your garden or in nature. They contain the crystal knowledge as it is stored and guarded deeply within the Earth. These stone circles create access to levels of knowledge. They are a wonderful support to work on your issues and to access more of your own potential.

The Crystalline creation places
They are very special power places that bring you into contact with the creation history of Earth. They are usually created for light centres or at established power places to receive a stronger connection to your own creation history. The creation history of Earth, which is stored in the guardian crystals in the Earth, can be experienced in these places.

The creation of places for the New Age
In alignment to the creation levels of the four directions (north, east, south, west) your own creation power in unity of heaven and Earth can be experienced. Creation impulses become clear and can be manifested on Earth. Carried by the energy of the avatars, your own creation power becomes tangible. Your core qualities start to show.

The White Golden Lotus Power Place
Through the new permeability the light from heaven, that strives for manifestation, can enter the earth more easily. When this happens the supportive light levels within the earth awaken and flow upwards to join the light from heaven in a common flow.
To support earth for the new permeability the ACH can set up a new power place using pointed quartz crystals and tumbled white-golden crystals (rutilated quartz).
They are aligned to the 4 directions and their new creation levels.
It can be created for clients as a healing treatment and also as part of landscape or house feng shui to establish the new energy connection.

Feng Shui with crystals


Crystals and gemstones are carriers of light. Their individual healing frequencies and light information positively influence the atmosphere in rooms and buildings. They can be used to create new lightful structures.

Anchoring of energy which is not yet in the time-space-continuum with the help of the crystals
Crystals can also be used to establish energy fields. With a special Feng Shui sign it is possible to anchor energies that charge the room in the most beneficial way. This can be done for indoor and outdoor areas as well as in nature and for Earth healing.
The Atlantis Crystal healer finds the right crystal or stone, that can take in that specific energy for the intended place and purpose. The crystal that is used for this method should be kept in this place permanently.

Aligning Earth keeper crystals to starlight information
Atlantis Crystal healer can align the earth-keeper guardian crystals, which exist deep inside the earth, to starlight worlds, systems and planets. This creates a starlight connection for places and rooms. It serves as a feng shui upgrade for a place.

Crystal Mandala
The Crystal mandala built by an Atlantis Crystal healer brings the support from the starlight worlds and new dimensions of Christlight for the new creation flow into the space or room where it is being built. People who are present (in a seminar, workshop or ritual) can make contact with this energy and benefit from it.
For the landscapes and places it invites these new light levels to the place, so that they can anchor themselves on earth.

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