Each crystal and gemstone carries individual light information and healing frequencies. 

Let yourself be inspired by the light and power of crystals and experience new ways to increase your well-being and health.

Here you will find detailed information about the manifold possibilities of Atlantis Crystal Healing and a directory of all trained Atlantis Crystal Healers

We are delighted to show you how Atlantis Crystal Healing can support you to enhance your life energy, to balance imbalances and to find new strength and inspiration. The holistic comprehension of body, mind and soul allows to bring great positive change.

I have taught Atlantis Crystal Healing since 2002 and am so very grateful for the manifold possibilities of healing and transformation it brings, for people, places, animals and for the Earth.

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Atlantis Crystal  Healers are dedicated to the Divine Mother. They are connected to the creation levels of light. In alignment with the natural law they offer healing and transformation. They support the awakening from within and create new lightful structures on earth.

Whenever light went into creation on earth the crystal worlds had the task and the ability to bring light into manifestation, to make knowledge and healing accessible.

The Atlantis Crystal Healers share the love for the crystals, the crystal worlds, the light of creation and the earthly realms. They weave lightful structures, they bring in the light to touch the original cause behind the symptoms, they feng shui places, houses and businesses.

Due to their completed initiation cycles from the time of Atlantis until now, they have the ability to see and to know, what a person or place needs to create a new harmonious flow, to build lightful structures, to feel at home, to reconnect to their light of heaven here on earth.

Out of the many various treatment options the Atlantis Crystal Healers choose the most beneficial and supportive methods for their clients and their life situations.

List of Atlantis Crystal Healers worldwide


The of Atlantis Crystal Healers


The energy of the Sun is closely connected to the crystal worlds. In the time of Atlantis, Sun temples existed to praise the light and to manifest light through the crystal worlds.

Atlantis Crystal Healers have each their own Sun temple bringing in the energy of the Sun with the golden light. Upon completion of their training, Atlantis Crystal Healers create their unique Sun temple using a set of special citrines and clear crystals. Sun temples bring into their practice room or clinic the steady light power of the Sun and the unshakeable light of the crystals which enhances any form of healing and spiritual development.

Sun temples are the sacred spaces of the Atlantis Crystal Healer, that they open for you to experience when you come for healing, guidance or enjoyment.


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New Moon message 22.05.2020 The primal power of the Shakti brings new insights. In this very changing time on earth with this new lunar cycle it is the primal power of the Shakti that provides new levels of knowledge. The primal force of the Shakti has only recently started to open and make available their knowledge and energy levels. It

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New Moon Message 23.04.2020 The firepower of love is getting stronger. Everything is changing on Earth, on both a large and small scale. The support from the starlight worlds, from the divine heavens and from the accompanying light beings can be experienced more and more intensely. This new moon cycle opens and strengthens potential levels in the heart chakra. The

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