ACH Peace Fire

peace fire

The Atlantis Crystal healers Peace Fire became possible in 2021. Before these peace fires were the eternal fires that were kept in the sun temples during the time of Atlantis. Through this Peace Fire, the divine peace and bliss will come into the active flow of life in a new form.

ACH Peace Fire is part of the divine blueprint for the new time. It not only calms the solar plexus in the sense of making peace with old experiences, but it also helps to build up the peace energy and the new light structures.

With the Peace Fires, existing old structures and existing power structures, which still maintain the conflict on earth and which refuse the light, can be penetrated.

ACH Peace Fires make it easier to open the locks of the pots of peace from the blossoming period of Atlantis which are waiting to come to life as a liquid golden stream of light wherever it corresponds to the natural law.

With this fire quality not only places are touched and the sun temples energy presence is raised, but the beings can also be touched with this Peace Fire. They are touched in their core, their own golden inner core, in their core qualities that want to find expression in their life.
It is a very rich, warm, golden stream of light that naturally penetrates everything that has laid itself as layers around the core.

ACH Peace Fires connect directly with the divine creation levels of peace and with the original light. They support all forms of crystal healing and other forms of light healing.

This fire can surround the new DNA as a protective cover.
It creates a sacred space in which it is easier to open up for the new levels of consciousness.

ACH Peace Fire video

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