Chakra Healing for homes, workplaces and businesses

The variety of crystals with all their unique colours and frequencies corresponds to the chakra system. Chakra crystals carry healing frequencies and light information, which is directly passed on to the chakras during the chakra healing treatment. This increases the reception ability of light in the chakras of your home or business and brings deep healing on chakra level. Our chakras contain our own creation levels; we create our life based on our chakra potential. All areas of life and all issues always have an equivalent in our chakras. The colourful diversity of the chakra crystals is applied with this method. Residues from the past are healed, creation levels and potential in the chakras are awakened, and deficits are balanced. You can enjoy living and working in a lot more balanced environment, supporting you to experience your own light in abundance and your own completeness. Chakra healing reach to the deepest level and achieve healing in the cause of the problem.

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