Power Places & Stone Circles for animals and outdoor places

Atlantis Crystal Healers can create power places with nature stones and also with specific crystals. It is possible to create stone circles with nature stones which serve as power places, places of healing and wisdom. They are created for specific topics in your garden or in nature. They contain the crystal knowledge as it is stored and guarded deeply within the Earth. These stone circles create access to levels of knowledge. They are a wonderful support to work on your and your animals issues and to access the potential.

The Crystalline creation places
They are very special power places that bring you into contact with the creation history of Earth. They are usually created for light centres or at established power places to receive a stronger connection to your own creation history. The creation history of Earth, which is stored in the guardian crystals in the Earth, can be experienced in these places.

The creation of places for the New Age
In alignment to the creation levels of the four directions (north, east, south, west) your own creation power in unity of heaven and Earth can be experienced. Creation impulses become clear and can be manifested on Earth. Carried by the energy of the avatars, your own creation power becomes tangible. Your core qualities start to show.

The White Golden Lotus Power Place
Through the new permeability the light from heaven, that strives for manifestation, can enter the earth more easily. When this happens the supportive light levels within the earth awaken and flow upwards to join the light from heaven in a common flow.
To support earth for the new permeability the ACH can set up a new power place using pointed quartz crystals and tumbled white-golden crystals (rutilated quartz).
They are aligned to the 4 directions and their new creation levels.
It can be created for clients as a healing treatment and also as part of landscape or house feng shui to establish the new energy connection.

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