Christ Fire Crystals

As the heart chakra era started in 2012 on earth there are many areas in our heart chakra which need conscious support. The Christ fire crystal strengthens your own light presence, the living of unconditional love and the awakening of your own creation levels in your heart chakra. This includes all areas of the heart chakra, from the physical body to the extended energy bodies. The Christ fire crystal enhances the inherent fire of love. The unity of time and space in the centre of the heart chakra can be experienced. Your own light from heaven is invited more to share it with the world.
The Christ Fire tumble stones are applied on the first six chakras. They bring alignment and adjustment to the light of Christ. They are harmonising and balancing. They stimulate a new light flow in all chakras at the same time in order to easily live your stronger light presence through your chakras. They let the light of Christ enter manifestation and help you to keep up a higher expansion in your chakras.

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