Crystal Healing for the spine

The spine crystal frees and enhances the flow in the spine channel. The light channel, which flows through the spine, is a channel of devotion and the main energy flow between heaven and earth. The spine is a willpower / success organ and therefore, the flow in the spine is often affected and reduced by conflicts of willpower. The spine crystal cleanses the complete energy channel in the spine. Stagnant energies are removed. In combination with chakra crystals, isolated aspects can be brought back into the main energy flow. This brings relaxation and a feeling of unity with yourself. It helps you to accept all your aspects and to let go of what is no longer needed. As the chakras are located along the spine and the energy supply points for the organs are located close to the spine, work with the spine crystal positively influences your whole energy system. Tension due to bad posture or one-sided activities can be balanced with the spine crystal. Isolated conflicts, which affect your back and may have lead to therapy resistance, can be solved. The spine crystal makes it possible to let go of old issues and to open for a new flow. It helps the body to free itself from symptoms of somatisation.

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