Feng Shui with crystals


Crystals and gemstones are carriers of light. Their individual healing frequencies and light information positively influence the atmosphere in rooms and buildings. They can be used to create new lightful structures.

Anchoring of energy which is not yet in the time-space-continuum with the help of the crystals
Crystals can also be used to establish energy fields. With a special Feng Shui sign it is possible to anchor energies that charge the room in the most beneficial way. This can be done for indoor and outdoor areas as well as in nature and for Earth healing.
The Atlantis Crystal healer finds the right crystal or stone, that can take in that specific energy for the intended place and purpose. The crystal that is used for this method should be kept in this place permanently.

Aligning Earth keeper crystals to starlight information
Atlantis Crystal healer can align the earth-keeper guardian crystals, which exist deep inside the earth, to starlight worlds, systems and planets. This creates a starlight connection for places and rooms. It serves as a feng shui upgrade for a place.

Crystal Mandala
The Crystal mandala built by an Atlantis Crystal healer brings the support from the starlight worlds and new dimensions of Christlight for the new creation flow into the space or room where it is being built. People who are present (in a seminar, workshop or ritual) can make contact with this energy and benefit from it.
For the landscapes and places it invites these new light levels to the place, so that they can anchor themselves on earth.

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