The concept of Your Own Power

What does it mean to you ?

For so many of us it looks a bit like a dance, we want it and then we don’t want it same time. We dream about having power and same time we fear being truly powerful. 
We give our power away and then resent it, not being entirely sure how to handle it. And how would you know? They don’t teach that in schools, it has been generations and lifetimes of hearing that you don’t have any power, have no rights to use it or that it is bad altogether, obedience and sacrifice being the real deal.

Yet – power is just power, it has no duality level meaning unless we attach it there ourselves. The true power just is, because it flows out of alignment and unity, the natural law of all that is. The inner creates the outer and our nervous system is designed to work exactly this way, it is so very natural.


The collective memory we hold of Atlantis is the blossoming of the solar plexus age, where the ultimate heights of human capacity were reached, feeling godlike in our power and in that euphoric omnipotence dream falling for the illusion of individuation.

As we transition into the heart chakra age, we are coming back to being in alignment again, seeing that the ultimate form of self love is devotion and being one with all that is. There is no need to belittle ourselves from this place. Just the opposite, each of us have our very important and crucial role into making the change happen, for more happiness in you, in your community and this beautiful planet we need to save.


ACH practitioners work with the high grade sun stones to bring the golden fire of Agni, the white crystalline light in connection with the energy of the Sun into the solar plexus chakra and the sacral chakra.

This treatment helps to accept your own power and promote the realisation of your visions.

Get in touch with a practitioner in your country or let us know if you need help in finding one near you !

Dare to lead ! ????

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