Atlantis Crystal Healing at a 5 Star Spa in Dubai

Ranina Monika Janz completed the training in Atlantis Crystal Healing in 2003. She worked as a holistic therapist in a 5 star luxury spa in Dubai where she offered Atlantis Crystal Healing and Starlight Essence Therapy. We asked her to share some of her experiences. 

• What was it like to offer Atlantis Crystal Healing in a luxury spa in Dubai?

It was exciting and very interesting. I had worked as a naturopath in Germany before I moved to Dubai. From my own clinic in Germany, I was used to people coming to me telling me their problems and wanting a solution. Many of the clients that I had in Dubai just wanted to experience Atlantis Crystal Healing. It was special that our spa offered these kinds of sessions. They had read the brochure and were curious.

• Which treatments did you offer there?

For those clients who just wanted to experience Atlantis Crystal Healing without a clear topic for the session, I focussed on bringing relaxation and regeneration to the body and all energy bodies. I worked with the chakra crystals for Atlantis Crystal Healers to set up a healing space in which they could recharge. It was amazing to see how relaxing it was for them! I sometimes added some work with a chakra crystal to bring balance to a chakra. It was wonderful to have such a strong impact by doing seemingly simple things. The perception as a crystal healer to know which crystal needs to go where is just amazing.

• Which experiences are standing out from your time there?

I still remember a lovely lady from Russia. She had a clear theme for the session with me. I did the ‘Herkimer Treatment’ for her to remove blockages from her system. The session was really transformative for her, so when she came to Dubai then next time, she booked another session with me.

I also had a wonderful experience with one of the butlers at the hotel. He had a foot injury and I treated him with the “Transformation of misinformation” technique. When he showed up for his next appointment, he told me how surprised he was by the positive impact of just one treatment. He had experienced Reiki treatments from his mother before, but the treatment with the crystals was beyond compare for him. He was deeply grateful.

There was another extra-ordinary experience that I will never forget. A client from Russia came for a Starlight Essence consultation and treatment to the spa. Three months later, his translator called my on my mobile to tell me that he wanted another session with me. After the session, he invited me to work for him as a consultant for a new holistic hospital he is planning to establish in Moscow. I kindly declined as moving to Moscow was not an option for me, but to see that this experience made him want to integrate these kinds of treatments in a hospital is quite spectacular!

All of the experiences I had in Dubai were really impressive: It is amazing how it is possible to bring powerful transformation and deep healing in just one session, and how this can have a long-lasting impact on your life!

• Where are you working now?

After I returned from Dubai, I established a clinic for cosmetics and naturopathy near Dusseldorf in Germany. This is where I offer holistic treatments which includes Atlantis Crystal Healing.

• What do you like in particular about Atlantis Crystal Healing?

I love the fact that you can support anyone. It doesn’t matter if the believe in the healing powers of the crystal or not. They can just experience it for themselves. My son’s football trainer came to visit us and had problems with his back. I offered him to do a quick crystal treatment. He had never tried it before but the pain was bad so he said yes. The pain was gone after the treatment and hasn’t come back since. He said “I can’t explain what you did, but it works!” This is just one of many amazing experiences from the past 12 years where I have worked with Atlantis Crystal Healing. It is wonderful to be able to have such a positive impact!

• How has the training supported you?

Apart from all the techniques that I have learnt, the training helped me to reach a new energy level. The insights, the knowledge and the energy access are always there, no matter where I am or what I am doing. It has brought an energy presence into my life that supports me every day.

If you would like to get in touch with Ranina and experience her treatments, you can find her contact details on her website:

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