Atlantis Crystal Healing in Bavaria in Germany

Karaga Kugler-Neupert lives in Bad Koetzting in Bavaria in Germany. She completed the training in 2009. We asked her to share some of her experiences with us:  

• Why did you join the training?

I often saw connections of starlight and the crystal worlds during my meditation. I knew that it is one of my tasks to create flow, connections and new networks through crystals. During the training, I found deep access to the crystal worlds in the Earth and also in the ethereal world. With the techniques from the training, I can fully interact and work with the crystal worlds for Earth and human kind. I am deeply grateful for all of these possibilities.

• What is your favourite treatment technique ?

I love being able to combine different healing techniques as I feel they all complement each other. One of my favourite Atlantis Crystal Healing technique is the Holistic Stone Healing. A lot of my clients experience themselves as floating or swimming during the treatment. They can feel that their whole energy system is moving and changing and put back together in a new way.

I also really enjoy working with the Christ Fire Crystal, both the individual crystal for the aura and the six tumbled crystals for the chakras. It always brings such beautiful alignment to the Christ Light on all levels.

Moreover, I use Atlantis Crystal Healing when doing Feng Shui, both indoor and outdoor in gardens. There are so many ways to create power circles with crystals for the people who use the garden; and there are also great ways to free the energy lines and to re-connect Earth with starlight. Strengthening the flow of energy between Heaven and Earth is always very rewarding on so many levels.

• Which experiences would you like to share with us?

I did a treatment for a new born-baby a while ago. The mum had to have a C-section and asked me to treat her baby girl to reduce the impact of a possible birth trauma. The baby responded really well to the treatment, it was wonderful to help her come into her body with her light and to arrive fully on Earth.

I also remember treating a dog who had problems with his ears and suffered from a mild depression. I did a chakra healing treatment for his heart chakra. The treatment helped him to relax much more and not to carry what was going on around him any more. It is wonderful to be able to treat animals with Atlantis Crystal Healing. They show clearly what they need and absorb the light and healing quite instantly.

If you are in Bavaria and would like to experience Atlantis Crystal Healing, you can get in touch with Karaga. You can find her contact details on her website:

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