Heart Healing, new DNA and the Age of Aquarius

Crystal Pyramid

Heart Healing, new DNA and the Age of Aquarius


The manifestation of the new Golden Age and rising of the collective consciousness is happening in waves and 2015 marked a significant increase of the new light levels that became available making a lot of old structures redundant and disintegrated.

There is an inherent deep call from the wisdom of our body and deep soul longing to connect with this stronger presence of light, to transition into being in alignment with the new time of empowerment, to live our creation power and our creation tasks. Some of us experience it as a burnout and exhaustion of the old structures that no longer work. For others it might show as guilt and old guilt related structures coming to the surface.
The symptoms might differ, yet the common theme is that we have this inner knowing that there is something dormant within us, something we have been storing till the ”time is right” and it wants to come alive again.

To promote living our creation power in devotion and alignment, the creation spaces within the chakras are to be opened. The focal point is the heart chakra and then all the other chakras are getting aligned to it.



To become able to offer this treatment, ACH practitioners receive an initiation, a new pyramid shaped access with the fire qualities of 4 avatars. Then a strong, clear light column between the divine throne, 8th chakra and heart chakra is created, so that this light flows from the divine throne into the heart and anchors itself there.

To work with clients ACH practitioners use this specific access and a high grade clear crystal pyramid as a medium. The crystal pyramid is being chosen during the training process. Each practitioner has their unique crystal that fits best to work with and becomes one with their palm.



To experience how this treatment can support you in your life, please reach out to the nearest crystal healer in your country. If you need help in finding one, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.



To apply for ACH training you will need to have access to your 8th chakra perception levels.

ACH trainings in Europe are held at the Starlight Centre in Amesbury, UK. Please contact us for more information and upcoming trainings in Asia.


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