Atlantis Crystal Healing in Zurich

Ors Degner Zimmermann completed the training in Atlantis Crystal Healing in 2012. He lives and works in Zurich in Switzerland and is sharing some of his experiences with us: 

• Why did you join the training?

People are usually very happy to receive healing sessions with crystals. Crystals can be touched; it is easy for them to accept the healing power and to be open for light through the crystals. I wanted to be able to offer this kind of work where people have something they can see and touch. I thoroughly enjoyed the training and experiencing and learning all the different techniques.

• What fascinates you about Atlantis Crystal Healing?

I love the way people give feedback after a session. There is so much expression in their eyes when they are searching for the right words. Each session touches something in them that their words can hardly describe. They often say “It was great” without having the words to describe it in detail as it is something completely new and different for them. For me personally it is amazing to be able to do this kind of work.

The energy that is flowing through me when doing an Atlantis Crystal Healing session is very high, and it always brings inspiration for myself. Each session helps me to get a deeper understanding of how things work together. The more I work with it, the more inspired I am. It is also really great to see how each technique works differently. I remember that some treatments during the training were really powerful, and others more gentle, but they all had a long-lasting impact on my life.

• What kind of problems do your clients come to see you for?

I have quite a few clients that suffer from addictions and physical pain. In the initial consultation we focus on the goal that they want to achieve, and then during the crystal healing treatment the healing path starts to show. I love the combination of guidance with and without words. It is important to talk about what wants to happen, but the crystals always manage to touch the client on a very deep level which makes it possible to initiate long-lasting change.

• What is your favourite treatment technique?

I love doing crystalline implants. For me it is one of the most powerful treatment techniques which lets me dive deeply into the creation levels of the crystals to bring these implants into the physical body. It is a state of total bliss and peace when doing this kind of treatment; and for the client it’s a powerful support for their body.

• What is your favourite crystal?

The obsidian sphere that we use to transform false information in the body.

Ors Degner Zimmermann offers one-to-one sessions in Zurich, Switzerland. If you would like to book a session with him, you can find his contact details here:

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