Karsin Ebker shares his experience with Atlantis Crystal Healing


It is sometimes quite a long journey until you have found your true calling. I always thought that I had found my purpose and happiness in my professional career, as carpenter, meditation teacher, interior designer and artist. Now after more than sixty years with many highs and lows in my inner and outer life, I have finally reached my true destination: to work as Atlantis Crystal Healer.

This lets me look back to say thank you to all who have supported, encouraged an healed me: the healer Toni Agpaoa, the “Magus von Strovolus”, the scientist and shaman Dina Rees, my wife Shari, many other people and teachers from East and West, and last but not least Deborah from the Starlight Centre in Salisbury, close to the magical power place Stonehenge in South-East England, where I was lucky enough to learn Atlantis Crystal Healing.
Deborah writes in one of her articles: “Atlantis Crystal Healing has its origin in the time of Atlantis, in the spiritual advanced civilisation, about 25,000 years ago.” From a spiritual point of view, during these era all on Earth was crystalline. This means the knowledge about completeness and healing was taught and passed on in crystalline places and temples. The energetic connection to the cosmos and the worlds of light was brought to Earth through the crystals, and through the crystals these frequencies from the cosmos were shared with everyone on Earth.
This brought light from other realms which supported healing and development on Earth. In the time of Atlantis, healing and harmony between all worlds was perfected. All lived in unity. With the downfall of this era, most of the knowledge was lost. Today it is possible to gain access through initiations and training. Prerequisite for this is access to the level of the Divine Natural Law, the initiation in the 8th chakra and into Atlantis Crystal Healing. Atlantis Crystal Healing (short: ACH) is a training in spiritual healing, which has more than 30 healing methods, which reach from spiritual surgery up to further skills such as Feng Shui with crystals, power circles and so on. With all these methods, it is not only possible to help people, but also animals and nature.
The entire creation is built in the way that all creation manifests through crystalline light. Following this principle, Atlantis Crystal Healing can support any imbalance, disturbance and disease and free energy blockages. At the same time, the connection to one’s divine origin and one’s true life flow is enhanced which makes it much easier to bring this frequency into one’s life.


While for most healing techniques, a lot of spoken advise is helpful and necessary, this is not the case with ACH. It is possible to just support with the treatment and not go into too much detail unless this is required by the client. This is really helpful when clients don’t have a close connection to their spiritual worlds but want to experience this kind of healing technique. For those where the tradition Western medicine has failed them, it is great because they can experience the treatment without much explanation. Also for people who suffer from allergies or people who react too strongly to chemical medicine, it is possible to bring strong shifts and support for healing. Atlantis Crystal Healers work without physical interference (non-invasive), if needed with a few sessions in a row, until the physical level has become stable and balanced again.
During the treatment, most clients fall into a deep relaxation, which supports the healing process. At the end of the session, they feel the effect. During the treatment, changes take place in the mind, body and soul, which the client does not need to comprehend. It is a non-verbal healing that goes incredibly deep.
Atlantis Crystal Healers retrieve their knowledge from the crystalline creation worlds. They work in unity with the Divine Mother in the white fire of Babaji. They are always connected with the cosmic light. Every Atlantis Crystal Healer unfolds an expanded presence of light, beyond the possibilities of the usual daily consciousness.At the end of the training, their light and vibration has increased tremendously which allows them to serve with these powerful tools according to the Divine Natural Law.
When I returned from the first part of the training in England, I started to offer sessions straight away. I offered trauma release with especially initiated fire opals, releasing of blockages with Herkimer crystals, spiritual surgery and much more after the first part of the training.
For my wife Shari I could reduce the size of a myoma in her belly with crystal surgery; for my daughter Gloria I used the same technique to help her get rid of a root canal infection. One lady came with allergies and skin irritations which she found relief for with the crystal treatments; and just a few days ago a client came to me with issues of fear and gastritis, and I was grateful to have all these different techniques to help her. An elderly lady came to see my with cardiac arrhythmia, and quite instantly the treatments helped her heart to find its natural rhythm again which has been stable ever since.
The possibilities of ACH are amazing. I love being able to support others, animals and nature with the crystal energy. What I also find quite amazing is that all the healing tools that I have invented throughout the years, can be combined and integrated in the Atlantis Crystal Healing work. Healing of human kind and the Earth is a core goal of this Atlantean tradition. Healing means “Becoming Complete”. When we listen to the message of our soul and the message of our life; and when we can integrate this message into our life, then there is no reason for deficits or diseases. We realise that all what we need to be complete is there for us. Then we know that we are the healers of our own life, in unity with the divine love, and together with many others we are the healers of Earth.
Our goal as healers is always to guide others in living their potential, to guide them into completeness. This leads to health and well-being of body, mind and soul, and happiness is the result of that. With more than 120 Atlantis Crystal Healers worldwide, I am grateful to contribute to this kind of healing and support on Earth.
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Published in the German magazine “Lebens-(t)-räume” in October 2016
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