ACH 2020 Update – Two New Treatments available now !

Consciousness Levels

New Consciousness Levels (2020)

This treatment is about the new consciousness levels, which become accessible during 2020. The new method serves the purpose to open these awareness levels in a person and bring the new levels to earth into their life. The client is lying down on the floor in the healing space created using specially initiated 21 golden citrines, 21 clear crystals, one small pointed clear crystal placed on the forehead and one ruby.
The client receives insights, visions and gets in touch with the knowledge.

peace bagua

Crystal Peace Bagua

The Peace Bagua treatment became available in 2020 and it serves the purpose of regaining access to the divine peace energy, which was brought to earth during the blossoming time of Atlantis. Divine peace was the ultimate aim of the solar plexus era on Earth. Peace and bliss intertwined, this is what Atlantis Crystal healers are to bring in now – for places, individuals, groups and businesses.

For this treatment it needs a combination of specially initiated high grade crystals, sacred mantras and a practitioner who has received the special initiation to be able to bring this peace. Through the unison of the infinite flow of bliss and the flow of divine peace ACH practitioners can open the peace locks, that exist at various places and in the energy field of people. This stimulates the creation flow of peace on earth, which has been silenced or interrupted through the downfall of Atlantis. At these places there are “pots” of golden peace which become accessible. When they are opened, the golden light of peace starts to flow.

The transformation of unresolved issues, levels and aspects into peace takes place.

This treatment may also be offered via distance using video call.

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