New Moon Message (25 October 2022)

October New Moon

New Moon Message 25.10.2022

In simultaneity, healing takes place on all levels.

With this new moon cycle that begins on 25 October, the healing light of the Divine Mother pours out more and more for the Earth and all beings that live on it.
From the black-golden ray these healing impulses touch the beings. New levels of healing open up, which can be experienced in simultaneity. All levels of one’s being are touched simultaneously and experience the healing. This healing is not experienced in the linear time axis of one’s past, present and future, but it touches everything at once, in one moment, with its healing frequencies.

It is a new form of experiencing healing. It does not happen in a linear flow but in all corresponding levels of experience, which are, so to speak, layered on top of each other in our consciousness.
In simultaneity, the being is touched in its entirety. Everything that belongs to a healing theme: from one’s own soul path, one’s own incarnation paths to other forms of existence on earth and outside of earth is touched by the healing stream of the Divine Mother.

The moment this happens, the being reaches a new point in its own development. It is freed from what is still present in the system as unresolved or blocked from the past; free to live in the here and now. Dormant potential is awakened. One’s own completeness can be experienced in an instant.
This form of healing frees the being from the resonance fields of the past, present and future in order to arrive where it is in accordance with one’s own development. People who are ready for this are lifted up out of the earthly resonance fields, levels of attachment, belief systems and ideas. This is the gift of heaven and earth for the current time.

All those who are ready will be guided to the beings that can provide this form of healing. It is as if time has stopped for a moment, as experienced by human consciousness, and the system can reset itself in an instant.
The Divine Mother of all worlds pours out her blessings. Open yourselves and set out on the path.
This form of pure Shakti healing trickles from the divine levels into the earthly system through the Black-Golden ray.

Free yourselves from the identification of how healing has happened in the past and the idea of how healing can happen. Allow yourself to arrive fully within yourself in a new form.

Om Namah Shivaya.

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