New Moon Message (23 February, 2020)

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New Moon Message 23.02.2020

The certainty of being carried by the divine light increases.

The wind of change has run through and touched everything in recent weeks. Nothing is left unturned. No matter in which area of life this has taken place or is still taking place, being carried by the divine light is the only constant in the transformation cycle that is going through the earth and mankind. Everything that needs to change gradually comes to the surface and sometimes everything comes at once. It makes no sense to stand against this stream of change. The only certainty that remains is that the divine light carries everyone.
This support can be experienced to the same extent as the wind of change that roars through life. It is the devotion to the divine, to the light of one’s own origin, that not only gives the certainty that God’s loving hand rests on everything. It also brings the certainty that everything develops as it is meant to, according to one’s own path of completion and one’s own natural law.

Infinite golden light continuously flows in abundance, to each individual and to the earth itself. The golden light waves can carry everyone up to new levels of consciousness. New levels of perception can open up. It is like arriving at home, carried by the divine flow of creation, just as it is right for this time. Everything coincides so that the best possible support and development can happen, even if it does not always appear that way on the outside. It is one’s own divine blueprint that strives ever more for manifestation. Everything that has accumulated during life or incarnations and is no longer useful can be confidently left behind. The free space is filled with new golden light so that one’s own soul potentials and qualities can unfold. At the same time, the veils of oblivion are lifted.

Even if the wind of change rattles on old structures, open up for this new, liberated creation flow. You are never alone! The divine light, your light companions, helpers and teachers and your light family are there for you. All of this creates a sustainable network. Suddenly things become very clear; be it for the next steps or where life wants to take you. Imprints, ideas and beliefs can dissolve easily in one moment. Even if it presents itself as a challenge in life, it comes with difficult decisions or life or other people are very challenging, you can be sure that you are supported. Your own divine core is nourished more and more by the golden light, so that this being carried from the inside expands further and further. It is time to be one. The divine light is always there. The original source of all creation knows no separation. Open yourself to the infinite stream of divine light, divine love and happiness.

You are blessed, as the heaven reunites with the earth. One’s own life flow may unite with the divine creation flow. The key to surrendering to that is devotion, devotion to the divine light. Thousands of angels are ready. When you invite them, they support you with their divine light presence, to attune your incarnated being and to resonate with the light of your origin. Devotion opens the connection to heaven through the lotus chakra, strengthens it, so that the light from heaven flows through one’s own being completely, fulfills and extends further and further.

Om Namah Shivaya

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