New Moon Message (11 February, 2021)

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New Moon Message 11.02.2021
New creation impulses flow into the earthly system.
In this moving and sometimes so crazy world, with the next new moon, new creation impulses come into the earthly system. For some they trickle like snowflakes from heaven to earth, for others they come with kettledrums and trumpets and with great crescendos into the earthly system. They are answers to the longing of the hearts of the people and the longing of mother earth. The new wants to finally be able to take shape. The creation impulses strive for manifestation. Even if the ground is not yet ready everywhere, the time is here.
No matter how turbulent it may be on the outside or in the inner world, find times of silence. Prepare yourself for the new, even if you yourself have no plan of what would like to come into your life or where your journey is going. With the inner readiness and an open heart, these valuable creation impulses can come to you from heaven.
The polarizing energies on earth are now stronger than ever before. So much light wants to come into the earthly system in order to create a new and better world. At the same time, those in power are holding on to the old structures and playing all the cards they still have. But the new cannot be stopped by anything or anyone. The paths it takes don’t always show what it’s about. Sometimes the divine gifts arrive in strange packaging. Do not be confused by the side effects. It is up to you to welcome the creation impulses and to bring them into life. Now is the time to fully and completely accept being your own creator and to penetrate the earthly structures with everything that belongs to you, to transform and, if necessary, to destroy it. It is the preparation for the new levels of consciousness and the new dimensional gates that want and will open with them.
Your own inner core is untouched by all the turmoil and turbulences. The knowledge of one’s own power is showing more and more. The perception of what is right becomes stronger. New spaces can open up in your own heart. You can let yourself be surprised by qualities and potentials that you did not even know about. Don’t be fooled by the loud barkers that are out there any longer. Stand up for yourselves and accept your inherent power. Leave any existing dependency structures. Go on a search for what makes you really happy, what enriches your life and what you came here for. Give the new creation impulses the new space that they need. It has never been more important to give yourself time and space for meditation. Break through the self-created and externally given limitations. Be loving with yourself and with others that are part of your life.
Cleanse yourselves from everything that can still stand in the way of the new creation impulses. Your time is now. Great things can happen. You are carried by the light of your origin and the love of the divine mother. The starlight prepares the way for you so that you arrive safely at your destination. The creation impulses that flow into the earthly system find the most fertile soil in your heart. From there they can go out into the world.
Om Namah Shivaya
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