New Moon Message (15 November, 2020)

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New Moon Message 15.11.2020

Experiences of unity increase more and more.

Even if for most people on earth at the moment, it is the case that they are very much thrown back on themselves and the outer world is exposed to extreme changes, from the creation of lights point of view on earth it is that the unity with creation can be experienced more and more.
The pressure from the outside increases. It is the invitation and the opportunity to turn more inward, to discover one’s own inner worlds and light levels and to let them come to life. The spiritual world with its companions and helpers is closer than ever before. The light from one’s own origin urges to emerge from the pure light levels into manifestation. The synchronization of the inner worlds with one’s own light worlds takes place. We can experience oneness with all the different creation levels and worlds of creation.

Everyone who is currently incarnated on earth is exposed to the changes, whether they are aware of it or not. Even if many currently experience themselves as isolated or alone, the reality is that everyone is connected to one another. Everyone is in the same boat on planet earth.
All the different starlight worlds, the divine levels and the light from the origin take part more actively than ever in the new creation. The veils lift and one’s own soul is tuning in to the cosmic light realms. The golden light of unity from heaven penetrates and flows through all areas of creation, that of humans, the animal kingdom, the plant worlds, the nature kingdom, etc. Everyone who longs for it can experience unity in a moment.
New ways of communication that arise from these experiences of unity become accessible. Knowledge is communicated immediately. The unity with the elements revitalizes the own creation flow and the energy flow in the body.

For many, this is difficult or impossible to imagine, since it is beyond the limited human view and beyond the understanding of the mind.
Every being resonates to vibrations. The vibrations of light beyond polarity, which come from heaven to earth via the golden light of unity, are absorbed by the earth and rise up out of the earth as new impulses. New vibration fields arise in which unity can be experienced.

Even if these experiences of unity only take place in a fraction of a moment, they stimulate something new in the energy system. Potentials and qualities that have been dormant are awakened. The seeds of light come to life.

It’s like a light revolution taking place on earth. It brings unimagined possibilities, unlimited happiness, and creates a new basis for realizing oneself. New ways of leading one’s own life are emerging.

Be ready for the miracles in your life. Everything is possible.


Om Namah Shivaya

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