New Moon Message (23 December, 2022)

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New Moon Message 23.12.2022

Bliss gives harmony for and between all worlds.

With the last New Moon in 2022, bliss is increasingly poured out from the Source of Origin in Heaven. It is Heaven’s gift to Earth, beings and people in this sacred time and transition into the New Year. All may allow themselves to be touched by the infinite stream of bliss.

Bliss flows gently and penetratingly through all earthly structures and into all worlds. Its gift for this moon cycle is harmony.

It is Heaven’s answer to the longing of the hearts to live in harmony and accord with the Divine and Creation.
In these times when so much dissonance has arisen, so much isolation, separation and lack of understanding of one’s self and others, divine harmony is the balm for body, mind and soul. Anyone who longs for it and opens up to it can experience this harmonious flow within themselves.

All that is needed is openness and the willingness to align oneself with one’s own heaven, to open oneself in devotion, in the certainty that bliss is not denied to anyone. It is time to consciously engage with oneself, with one’s real self. It is an unconditional gift that flows from the stream of bliss into everything.

In order to experience this, many need a conscious space of silence, every day for 10 – 15 minutes; or whenever the impulse comes in between, to first pull oneself out of everything, to reflect on oneself and to open oneself to the stream of bliss that then flows into one’s own worlds.

What is particularly gracious about this new moon cycle is that harmony can also develop between the worlds. All this supports the awakening of humanity, the awakening in one’s own divinity.

The influence of the human made fields, the lies, the false information on one’s own life may stop now.
It requires a conscious decision, and that every day anew, until harmony has been established, until one’s own being can breathe a sigh of relief, until one’s own worlds remember that they are part of the divine creation.

These are blessed times, even if it does not always appear so on the outside.

Om Namah Shivaya

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