New Moon Message (10 June, 2021)

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New Moon Message 10.06.21

Celebrating light, love and happiness

Even if the external events do not suggest it, the quality of this new moon cycle is about the celebration of light, love and happiness. This has to do with the fact that the creation levels of light can come into manifestation so much more. You can experience your own light, your home of light, the feeling of being carried by your own light family, including those who are incarnated together on earth.

The creation flows of light penetrate the earthly structures in a new form. They announce a new time when the unity of heaven and earth cannot only be experienced from time to time, but can be lived permanently.

In accordance with its new creation cycle, the earth has given birth to new levels of light and layers of light, so that being carried by the light can be experienced, the recognition of one’s own true being becomes easier and the associated consciousness levels become accessible.

It is time to celebrate your own light, your own being, and the light worlds here on earth. It is about directing your own focus exactly on it. And to freshly and newly immerse yourself in the light levels of Shiva and Shakti, the white and black light, and to invite the harmonizing and at the same time stimulating power as a lively stream into your own body, into your own life and let it become reality. Leave the pre-existing limiting thought structures and perception levels behind you. Set off to new shores. The female creation path of unity opens so many new doors and makes new paths accessible. The primordial feminine creation power takes over the lead. The black light takes its divine form on earth. It connects completely new and in unity with the white light. This brings with it a whole new foundation on which life can take place. The female creation power is vast. It flows into everything, through everything, in order to nourish, strengthen and bring to life that which corresponds to the new natural law of the earth.

Everything that has already entered creation through the white light, works through the chakras and manifests light, is completed with the black light. The underlying power makes the creation of new light structures possible.
Rise up from all earthly limitations. Let your hearts be touched. Find joy and happiness through your own light, with which you yourself step into creation.

When you fully immerse yourself in celebrating light, love and happiness, there is no room for other forces. The mantra “I am happy, I am love, I am light!” supports everyone to arrive in this liberated creation flow and to shape their own life from it. It invites the joyful play of cosmic forces with earthly forces.

Forget all your ideas, your plans, all that you think you have to do. Celebrate with every cell of your being, your light, your love, and your happiness. And then new plans are born out of this, in which you can fully bloom. These are blessed times. Let us celebrate together as the light takes back the reigns on earth and brings itself into creation through the heart chakra.
Om Namah Shivaya

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