New Moon Message (30 April, 2022)

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New Moon message 30.04.2022

Joy of light, love for life.

With the second new moon in April, joy, light and happiness pour out of the divine cornucopia. It goes hand in hand with the new dimensions of light that now flow from the heavens into the earthly structure and bring renewal on all levels.

The cornucopia of creation for the manifestation of light on earth touches the inner being, the inner heart. It tells of home and one’s own starlight paths. It helps to remember one’s own soul and one’s own creation task.

This abundance of light revives one’s own path, the path of life, the path of creation. It is like the inspiration that was naturally there in the years of adolescence, with the awareness that everything is possible. It awakens the joy of wanting to discover new things and to getting involved in the adventure of life again.

The joy of light goes hand in hand with the love of life.
Now is the time to create out of your abundance, to go on a journey of discovery and to find out what the gifts, potentials and qualities are in the heart chakra that are striving for fulfilment.
The stream of renewal in the new moon cycle makes it easy to step out of limiting structures and leave the old stuff behind. The enthusiasm to discover new things opens new doors.

The awareness of one’s own light, one’s abilities and of one’s own life task inspires and gives freedom.
Set out for new shores. Let your spirit awaken. Open yourselves to inspiration and guidance from your starlight worlds, your spiritual home.
The worlds of light are just waiting to be discovered so that you can bring them into your lives.

Light and love want to dance together in the new creation flow and touch the earth and all beings. They are the elixir of life for body, mind and soul.

The starlight worlds and starlight beings are ready to accompany you, to support you and to give you what you need on your way.

Om Namah Shivaya

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