New Moon Message (24 January, 2020)

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New Moon Message 24.01.2020

Sound waves of golden light penetrate the earthly structures

The start of 2020 has already begun brilliantly. So much wants to be new. Not only new light structures but also new forms want to be created everywhere. The creation waves of golden light now penetrate the earthly structures more intensely. All of this is accompanied by the sound waves of golden light, which are reaching the potentials and qualities in people, beings and in the earth itself, which have been dormant until now.

These sound waves create resonances to the divine light of unity, the golden streams of light that come from heaven to earth and strive for manifestation. The sound waves touch the soul and one’s own light being in an unimagined depth. Previously forgotten things come back to life and awaken. The awareness of one’s own soul, one’s own path and one’s own creation task is increasing more and more.
It is a gift from heaven, that these sound waves of golden light can penetrate and flow through everything in order to awaken these resonances. This happens on a larger and smaller scale. These gracious streams of sound touch every incarnated being.

The sound waves also bring change wherever change is necessary. This happens regardless of whether someone opens up to it or not. The sound waves push on any structure until opening up takes place. They remind you of your own home, your origin and your own happiness. They promote communication between all worlds and beings. They make it easy for new structures to emerge.
Everything that strives for manifestation has a pattern of creation. This pattern of creation begins to communicate, becomes possible to experience, visible for every project, for every step, for everything that wants to happen in one’s own life and on earth.

The harmony of the cosmos is reflected in the sound waves of golden light. In this way, potentials, qualities and abilities can enter into the earthly system from the non-incarnated worlds, so that a new matrix is created.
It has never been easier to live yourself joyfully. You can consciously invite these sound waves into your life and into your energy system, also into your home, into your field of work and wherever they are needed.

Om Namah Shivaya

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