New Moon Message (22 May, 2020)

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New Moon message 22.05.2020

The primal power of the Shakti brings new insights.

In this very changing time on earth with this new lunar cycle it is the primal power of the Shakti that provides new levels of knowledge. The primal force of the Shakti has only recently started to open and make available their knowledge and energy levels.
It is the inherent wisdom about the female creation power.
It is the abundance of light that can create new forms on Earth. All of this happens, by completely freeing yourself, opening to the new female creation flows, which either haven’t existed on earth for a long time or never existed in this way.
It is the blissful interaction of the Shiva and Shakti forces. It is the birth of wonderful new ways and possibilities to shape life on earth, carried by the original power of the divine mother.

This has little to nothing to do with the ideas about the Shakti, the female energy of creation. There are areas that have never been touched. It’s about the secrets of how creation works in itself.
The primal power of the Shakti lets one immerses in the reality of one’s own light. The origin of one’s own being can be experienced in order to birth new light, to nourish others and to guide them with it. It brings new healing powers and new sound waves from the origin into the present time.
One’s own reality can be experienced more than ever. Every being is embedded in the original form of the Shakti. The light covers, the light bodies and forms for every being arise from the original source of all being. They are woven from the light of origin.
The star paths of one’s own soul can be experienced. Realisations about one’s own origin, one’s own path, about what wants to be accomplished are ready. They want to be discovered, unlocked and brought to life.

It is time for the levels of illusion that have formed on Earth since the fall of Atlantis to dissolve. They are penetrated and if necessary destroyed.
The living of truthfulness following one’s own natural law, making the fullness of one’s own being possible to experience, recognising one’s own light reality and the energetic reality, all this leads to being able to authentically live oneself.

Those who open themselves devotedly to the primal power of the Shakti experience support, being carried, transformation and healing. One’s own view becomes clearer, boundaries dissolve. Light from new dimensions flows into the earth’s structure from the original source of all being. The consciousness of humanity rises up. The times of forgetting are finally over.

The primal power of the Shakti can be found in all chakras. It reveals what was brought along as gifts in the chakras and what new things want to be brought into creation from heaven and earth.

The Great Mother of all worlds loves and nourishes everything and everyone. New paths want to be taken. Be ready to engage in new depths to find out who you are and where your journey is going.

Om Namah Shivaya

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