New Moon Message (21 June, 2020)

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New levels of consciousness open from the golden light of unity.

The golden light of unity was the core of the creation flow that manifested on Earth in the time of Atlantis. It is hardly conceivable for our human consciousness in today’s world, that at that time all light worlds could find their very own expression of creation on earth. Out of the union of the stream of infinity with the creation levels of divine peace and the infinite stream of bliss, the creation impulses came into the earthly structure in the purest form, to fall on fertile ground there.
With this new moon cycle, it is now possible to reconnect with them and at the same time immerse into new creation levels through the golden light of unity. This means that new levels of consciousness can open up gently. They penetrate the earthly and the human consciousness. Everyone can experience this in his or her own way. It is the awakening of the entire universe and all the heavens that want to enter creation on earth. Each being has the task and experiences the invitation to live them selves as a divine light being with their unique qualities and gifts from the light worlds.
One’s own reality can be experienced. The encapsulated consciousness, which is reduced to what has been lived so far on earth by others, becomes visible as a limitation and as an illusion. The identification with existing structures, and what has come in from family consciousness and collective consciousness, dissolves.
The golden streams of light that flow out of unity, through the earthly system and the human system penetrate into previously untouched depths in order to come back to the surface from there. New consciousness for creating lightful structures, unlimited spaces and possibilities comes to life. The forms of communication, healing and the forms of self-realization become radically renewed.
Open yourself to your own depth, your innermost core. Carried by the golden light of unity, the individual levels of consciousness open and the collective levels are penetrated. The awareness about one’s own starlight home, the star paths of the soul and one’s own creation task begins to reveal itself.
This happens step by step and in waves, because not everything can open at once. Human consciousness needs time to re-establish itself and to be able to grasp the new impulses that begin to communicate from one’s own divine being.
For a very long time since the fall of Atlantis, polarity, being bound in darkness and in limited earthly structures dominated life on Earth. Now is the time to fully accept oneself and to heal the old wounds. The awareness of being whole can be experienced. It is the time to invite oneself into life every day.
Happiness, divine peace and oneness with oneself are the underlying forces and at the same time the gift of this new creation flow. The resonance to the golden light of unity is getting stronger on Earth. All worlds and beings open more and more to it. You are blessed and a blessing for the world. Let yourself be touched by the myriads of golden sparks of light. They infiltrate your structures until they have touched your core, from which a bubbling source of unity begins to flow.

Om Namah Shivaya

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