New Moon Message (16 October, 2020)

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New Moon Message 16.10.2020

Limitations are dissolving.

The divine consciousness has become so much more present on earth and in people that it is now many times easier to dissolve limitations. It is an expression of divine grace that the limitations created by humans can be completely dissolved both in consciousness and in one’s own levels of creation.
In the levels of consciousness, these limitations show up as levels of illusion, as being trapped in the restricted humanly view, in given ways of thinking and structures of thinking.
These levels have been made more permeable in recent months. In accordance with the alignment and the devotion to one’s own divine being layers could loosen. Now the divine firepower has become so much stronger, and so has the receptiveness of beings, meaning that limitations can completely dissolve. The awareness of oneself, of one’s own life, of the earth and of one’s own purpose is renewed.
New perspectives are revealed. To experience oneself as a light being with the given light power in all chakras, one’s own creation fire, and one’s own visions beyond the limitations is now easier than ever before.
Sometimes life creates such circumstances, so that the dissolution of limitations may be experienced as painful. You can be sure that this is still for your own good. It supports the awakening in your own creation power. It helps you to be who you really are.
Where the expansion of one’s own light and one’s own love used to reach its limits, new doors suddenly open and levels become accessible. One’s own levels of light and one’s own creation levels become accessible in order to freely proceed on one’s own soul path of fulfilment.
Many have become so used to the limitations that they cannot imagine anything else. Be certain, nothing is impossible. The time to live joyfully is here. There is nothing to wait for. Everything is available to you in the simultaneity.
Open yourself to this gracious time. No longer fight back when limitations dissolve. Awaken in your own greatness and take your place on earth filled and carried by your divine being. Allow the waves of creation to wash through you, penetrate you and set you free. The divine fire helps you to fully arrive back in your home within yourself again.
Om Namah Shivaya

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