Atlantis Crystal Healer in Greece: Sofia Ziana Keramida

Sofia Ziana Keramida is offering Atlantis Crystal Healing in Athens, in Greece. 

We asked her to share with us some of her experiences.

• Why did you join the training?

Ever since I discovered the beauty, and all those wonderful feelings and experiences I had just by holding a crystal; and that at a very young age; I was trying to find ways to hold and be surrounded by crystals. I even started courses in jewelry making just to experience the different energies of the crystals. The journey is not so often straight forward but life always finds magnificent ways to lead you to where you have to go.

• What have you gained through the training?

The ACH training has given me so many gifts that I it is impossible to count them all. Most important is the reassurance of what we feel and experience when we are not hindering ourselves (as we do when we are children) that it is ALL true. The crystal worlds and their abundant light have helped me stand firm in my own light and grow, and that is exactly what I wish I get the opportunity to share further on. Amazing worlds and opportunities for self-realization are becoming available. It has been a privilege to attend and I feel deeply for my task of spreading Crystal Light in whatever way I can.

• Where do you offer your work?

I have a 9 to 5 job and for the time being I offer sessions after appointment in the evenings and weekends. In combination with other wonderful tools I have attained through my trainings as an Alpha Chi Consultant and Starlight Priestess I am more than happy to share the fantastic Atlantis Crystal healing and transformation knowledge as the only certified ACH and Starlight Priestess healer in Greece.

• What are some experiences that were very special in your work?

I would have to admit that the most rewarding moments working as an ACH is when people that have no previous experience with healing work or are not familiar with New Age vocabulary find the most amazing description for their experiences. It almost brings tears in my eyes. We can all remember that we are Light! We can all heal ourselves and others by allowing this “ancient” precious knowledge be part of our lives in the new age.

• What do you like about Atlantis Crystal Healing?

The numerous techniques, the endless combinations and their effectiveness to heal, transform and support growth and self realization. It cannot be described it should be experienced!

• What is your favourite crystal?

My first and therefore favourite crystal was rose quartz and I can still remember how it felt holding it, connecting with it for the first time. After that I had some more I really loved but when I came to think of it, it was always about what I needed most for the time and what could support me in whatever project or emotional state I was experiencing. You see there is always, always a perfect crystal for whatever we might be up to. The variety and the healing, supporting potential, I dare to say is endless. Just use your intuition and enjoy! Or contact me and I would be more than happy to assist!


If you live in Greece, go and make an appointment with Sofia Ziana. She is an amazing Crystal Healer; she will guide you on your path with love and will ensure that you reach your goal! heart emoticon You find her contact details here:

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