New Moon Message (23 April, 2020)

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New Moon Message 23.04.2020

The firepower of love is getting stronger.

Everything is changing on Earth, on both a large and small scale. The support from the starlight worlds, from the divine heavens and from the accompanying light beings can be experienced more and more intensely. This new moon cycle opens and strengthens potential levels in the heart chakra.

The firepower of love will increase by a lot. It is the fire of creation of the heart chakra that is ignited more by the new waves of creation.
The fire of love can penetrate and liberate everything. It clears the way for you to newly find yourself, to express yourself in new forms and to stimulate the new creation flow. The fire of love is the central force in the heart. It nourishes and strengthens the whole organism, the whole being and can be used as a concentrated force for everything that needs this energy.

Allow this awakening firepower of love to expand further. The fuel for this firepower is the devotion to one’s own light; one’s own higher self, one’s own life task, and one’s own creation task. It is the decision to use one’s own qualities to create a light filled world on earth.
The firepower of love clears the way for the creation impulses that flow from heaven to earth.

If it is used consciously and shared with others, it reinforces the realisation of plans and projects. If one’s own gifts that come from heaven to earth are embedded in this firepower, you will receive the greatest possible support. It helps to unpack and distribute the gifts. The firepower of love creates the nourishing ground for the realisation of your own soul dream. It also helps to perceive one’s own inner truth and to stand up for it. It gives reassurance that everything is good in the light of love.

You can nourish all of your other chakras, your body and all of your energy bodies with the firepower of love. It helps to accept what is happening in your own life and to remain unaffected by turbulence on both the outside and inside.

The firepower of love helps to experience yourself as part of the community of loving light beings for the earth. This fire, like the Olympic flame, can be passed on from being to being through all the different light networks on earth.

Feel loved and cared for in the firepower of your heart. It is nourished by the golden light of heaven and the shakti of the earth. In it, it is possible to rise from the ashes like a phoenix and to be born again.

Be ready to love yourself and the earth more than ever before.

Om Namah Shivaya

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