New Moon Message (4 November, 2021)

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New Moon Message 04.11.2021

New light is born from the lotus womb of the Divine Mother.

In this new moon cycle, the Divine Mother begins to give birth to new light, new seeds of light and new creation impulses from her lotus womb. She continuously pours out this pure female light of creation from her womb to support the earth in its development, and also to accompany the beings who are currently incarnated on earth on their path of development and fulfilment.
They are levels of light that tell of a new time. A time when the white-golden lotus light of the divine mother takes over the rulership of the earth. New forms of life, of self-realization and of entering into creation, arrive on earth.
Each chakra has its own lotus resonance for the divine light, which in its purity releases this creation energy. This stimulates new flows of creation in the chakras and energy systems.
The aim of this is to create harmony with all worlds and with all beings, regardless of their origin.
This stream of creation from the womb of the Divine Mother contains an infinite number of mini lotuses and lotus seeds, all of which contain this divine creation energy. They step into creation through the great white-golden lotus of the new time on earth. The creation flow nourishes the lotus places on earth.
This is accompanied by a new awareness of what it means to incarnate as a light being, what it means to be in simultaneity and to live in unity with creation.
With this lotus energy of the Divine Mother, a more harmonious adaptation of the physical body and the incarnated being to the new DNA takes place. The white-golden lotus light forms a protective membrane around the new DNA. The cell consciousness aligns itself to unity, towards the unity of heaven and earth.
When you connect with the Divine Mother in devotion and are ready to receive the new levels of light that can come to you from her lotus womb, you will experience being carried and looked after in her unconditional love.
At the same time the vibration in your incarnated system is raised. The light carries you up to the lotus light worlds. According to your own resonance to your origin, the light frequencies that you need in your life flow into you.
It is a particularly graceful time that is starting, in which much of what has not yet come to earth now has a clear path way.
Om Namah Shivaya

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