New Moon Message (2 January, 2022)

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New Moon Message 2.1.2022
The starlight prepares the way for you.
The first new moon in the New Year brings more and more of one’s own starlight to earth for everyone in order to pave the way for 2022. It is the answer to the longing of the heart to be able to live one’s own light on earth in unity.
From one’s own starlight worlds, starlight home and the starlight paths of the soul, this support now increasingly reaches all those that are ready through open hearts.
We have long been prepared for the now. The prayers were answered. The own creation energy was provided to help create and shape the golden age. Even if the external circumstances do not look like that, it is exactly where one’s own alignment can go.
It is a package of abundance that can be delivered to prepare the ground and unfold the way so that 2022 can become a year of happy fulfilment.
The gifts of starlight are new potentials that are needed in the present time. It brings nourishing currents that awaken dormant potentials.
The starlight helps to experience oneself as a light being, to become aware of one’s own core qualities and to share the gifts of heaven.
If this is accepted, a new creation flow arises from it. First inside in one’s own creation levels in the chakras and energy bodies. And with the willingness to live this, one’s own path unfolds, which can be followed.
Let the longing for fulfilment grow so much in you that the resonances for your starlight are naturally awakened or become stronger in yourself.
With every step that you take on your way, you experience more. And the beings appear in your life with whom you have connections, with whom you have common tasks in order to fulfil them with joy.
When your starlight touches the earth through you and your feet, the earth responds to you with its nourishing Shakti power. You can experience that you are nourished and carried by heaven, your divine levels, your starlight and the earth.
If you follow this flow of your own path, you will be able to see your own goals for 2022 more clearly. Let this current flow through your heart into the year and then back again into your heart. Through doing this, you have touched the path for the new year with your love and starlight.
Carried and strengthened in this way, invite the starlight into your life surroundings, to the place where you live.
Take part more actively than ever in shaping your life by manifesting the light from your origin.
This is the gift of the first new moon. The starlight lotus of the Divine Mother pours out its blessings to all children of light.
Om Namah Shivaya
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