New Moon Message (6 October, 2021)

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New Moon Message 06.10.2021

Energy increase in all seven chakras.

This new moon cycle is accompanied by a great increase in energy in all seven chakras. This is necessary and possible because the new DNA now has a much more stable presence on earth. It requires a higher level of energy in the entire chakra system. This is fed into the earth structure from the divine levels and the starlight worlds via the golden waves and it also comes to every single being.
If you open up to it, it will happen exactly to the extent that you can handle. Even if you have the feeling in between that it could be too much for you, you can trustingly surrender to this creation process.

The best basis is a conscious access to your own chakras and to use the light levels of the chakras consciously. The energy adjustment in the physical body takes place simultaneously via the light receptors.

Begin every day to consciously connect with your chakras and to invite the energy of heaven via your lotus chakra into the entire chakra system and to let it flow from there, to wherever it is needed. This happens on its own.

Energy locks open during this new moon cycle. The chakras automatically attract more energy, which then causes the elevation in each chakra.

They look like energy funnels and vortexes. When the energy increase is harmoniously completed, this energy automatically goes into all areas of life. It strengthens your own power field and lets light flow into everything that comes up in everyday life.

It changes the dynamics in the chakra system and also helps the body to run at a higher energy level. This all helps to adapt the incarnated being in all energy bodies and in the physical presence to one’s own light being.

This happens not only for the individual beings, but also for the chakras of the earth and the chakras places of areas and in buildings. It is part of the evolution of the entire earth.

Be ready for the new adventures that await you. Develop everything you need. Your light, your creation levels, which are available in your chakras, are increased in the most diverse ways. It’s part of the Heaven-on-Earth Project. Many things that you did not think would be possible even in your wildest dreams, are there all at once.

Om Namah Shivaya

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