New Moon Message (19 May, 2023)

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New Moon Message 19.05.2023

Turbulent times create new opportunities.

The turbulent times are still ongoing and sometimes even more so than in the last 2.5 years. And there is no end in sight.
Even though turbulent times sometimes turn one’s life upside down and everything is no longer in its place, they create possibilities that would otherwise not even come on the scene.
We are usually so used to certain circumstances and the way life works that when this is suddenly no longer the case, it shakes us up from within and broadens our horizons.
These times demand from us the willingness to try out new things, to set out on the path and to bring necessary changes into our own lives. In doing so, we receive orientation and guidance from the spiritual world or from the spiritual teachers, masters and consultants who are in charge for us.
The old has had its day, the new may come.
In turbulent times, we cannot help but surrender to the new flow. Holding on to old tried and tested systems, ideas, beliefs and ways of living our lives no longer works.
Turbulent times can open so many new doors and gateways that we had no idea existed before. Of course, there is also turbulence that bring with it the call to pause, re-sort and re-align. So that our fine antennae can adjust to our spiritual guidance and the impulses from our higher self can arrive clearly.
Even when the ground seems to be breaking away from under our feet, our own natural lawfulness is the safety net. It creates a new foundation woven from light-filled golden structures. No one has to fall into the bottomless pit. We are all supported by Divine Hand.
The turbulent times at the moment are sometimes like a whirlwind that takes us out of everything, carries us up and can take us where it is exactly right for us, that is, where it corresponds to our development and our place in life. The core of our own reality can be experienced when we engage with ourselves in a completely new way.
As has been the case for a long time, it is about recognising oneself in the inner core, in the depth of one’s own being, in one’s soul qualities and potentials, to give space to one’s own light being and to let one’s own soul dream become reality. Support is given from all levels to which one’s own soul connections exist.
In these times we need beings who can lead. They are the ones who are able to surf on the waves of change and accompany others safely. They lead and teach to discover oneself, to anchor oneself and to shape life from the inner golden core.
Heaven pours out its golden blessing unceasingly for all. The black and white light of creation unite anew in lively streams. They hold unimagined possibilities. The earth nourishes and sustains all beings in these turbulent times as it moves itself into a new dimension where the light of love is in charge and the heart chakra awakens more and more in its golden light presence. This is happening on a large and small scale, globally and individually. These are blessed times. Find those in whom you can entrust yourselves. They are all incarnate at this time. If you call for guidance, it will be given to you.
Om Namah Shivaya

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