Atlantis Crystal Healing in Bogota, Colombia

Saliarmo Valderrama Gonzalez completed the training in Atlantis Crystal Healing in 2011 at the Starlight Centre in England. He is a medical doctor who combines his medical knowledge and Atlantis Crystal Healing in one-to-one sessions and in workshops. He lives in Colombia in South America. We have asked him to share some of his experiences about Atlantis Crystal Healing with us:

Why did you join the training?

I joined the training because I knew that it is part of my life’s mission. I enjoy helping others and I love crystals; I think they are magnificent. I also joined because Deborah is a great teacher and she has so much to give.

What have you gained through the training?

I am able to combine the Atlantis Crystal Healing techniques with the knowledge and experience from my medical degree to really heal people. Although if the disease is advanced as in the case of a cancer, the treatment is not curative but palliative with a good control of the pain. From my personal view point, I haven’t been sick since the training, except for kidney stones. So that is really great. Also, I can see things with more clarity which has helped me to make better decisions.

Where do you offer your work?

I offer one-to-one sessions in Bogota, Colombia at IDEARMONY (Carrera 7B Bis Numero 123 72) and workshops with a company called QUALITY GLOBAL SAS ( You can book by calling or emailing (3144304749; )

What are some experiences that were very special / memorable in your work?

When I was living in Northern Ireland I had a client who was separating from her husband. The situation was very difficult, she did not even have the money to pay her room’s rent. Her husband wouldn’t want to give her the fair share of their property, her daughter had lost touch with her and lived in Canada and she had applied for a house from the council but during five years she wouldn’t receive support from the council. She came for two sessions. On the first session I did a treatment with the Herkimer crystals to transform and shift the energies related to her situation. I gave her the homework of loving herself unconditionally. The second session was a holistic healing of the base chakra to support her in creating a place to live here on Earth. After the second session the whole situation took a positive turn. Her daughter came to see her, her divorce papers came through with an equal share of the property and the council provided here with a nice house with river view. This showed me how powerful our work is – that we can bring transformation into karmic patterns and therefore bring change into difficult situations in our life.

What do you like about Atlantis Crystal Healing?

The ability to go a step further and complement the traditional Medical curative methods. Atlantis Crystal Healing techniques also allow you to bring more of the energy of Heaven into the Earth and into the Earth atmosphere, supporting the global transformation and raising consciousness.

What is your favourite crystal?

Surgery crystals are my favourite, because you can do an intervention without having to open the skin. They are just amazing.


If you live in Colombia and would like to book a session with Saliarmo, or to attend to a workshop or Feng-Shui to your place you can find his contact details here:


About Saliarmo:

Saliarmo Valderrama Gonzalez was born in Duitama, Colombia in 1975. He is a GP with a medical doctor degree from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He worked as a GP at Hospital Regional Duitama at Duitama from 2000 to 2001. He worked at Clinica Tundama at Duitama and Clinica de Especialistas de Sogamoso at Sogamoso from 2001 to 2002. He graduated with a Master in Cybernetics from University of Reading in 2006. His thesis ¨A Study into the Peripheral Nervous System to Control a Prosthetic Hand¨ was under the direction of Professor Kevin Warwick.

After his graduation, he worked as a Research assistant of Professor Warwick on a project that gave continuity to the MSc thesis and publish a paper: Sustaining prosthesis grasp function via peripheral nerve stimulation Then, he moved to Northern Ireland and worked as Research Associate at University of Ulster under the direction of Professor Liam Maguire and Professor Martin McGinnity from 2007 to 2011.

In 2010, he did his specialization on Alpha Chi Consultant and Feng Shui with Deborah Reiter at Help Academy, England, United Kingdom. The following year he did his specialization on Atlantis Crystal Healing with Deborah Reiter at Help Academy, England, United Kingdom. In 2012, he moved back to Colombia and has been working in one to one consultation where he combines his medical knowledge with holistic and crystal healing. Also, he has given conferences on Ho’oponopono, Radical Forgiveness, Violet Flame, Archangels, Holistic healing and healing with crystals. He had worked for Coasmedas, Funcei and Quality Global. Additionally, he does Feng-Shui for flats, houses, warehouses and farms which is the energetic harmonisation of a place or Feng-Shui had help people to live happier, to rent easily or to sell a place.

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