New Moon Message (2 March, 2022)

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New Moon Message 02.03.2022

Life needs a new direction.

The outer world reflects in all the events that are more turbulent than ever, that a realignment is needed for one’s own life. Everything that may have held up until now seems to be losing the ground under its feet. Existing systems are in danger of collapsing. Many experience this as a state of alarm and accordingly there is a lot of irritation in one’s energy system, all energy bodies and emotional, mental and physical wellbeing.

The call for realignment is Heaven’s response to these existing conditions on Earth. Where else can you find new levels of solution and bring inspiration and leadership energy into your own life. It is a call to awaken in one’s own light power and to remember one’s own origin.

What other option should there be but to take the challenge that life is throwing at you right now and make the best out of it; in the sense of aligning with the natural law, with the natural inherent order of all creation and with the divine plan, even if this is still unimaginable to many.

With this new moon cycle, new gates open to receive new access levels, inspiration and guidance from the spiritual world. For anyone who is ready, floodgates can open up through which new energy flows to transform what is stuck, bad or threatening, to cleanse the system and stimulate a new harmonious flow.

There are incarnated beings, who have already developed this for themselves and can give this guidance in direct contact, as well as the light worlds which are now starting to join, which send the support from the non-incarnated levels into the energy structure of the earth.

Turning to one’s inner core, to one’s own creation flow, to what restores natural order and balance, can be seen as a gift. When the situations in life get tighter and tighter, the only thing left is to turn to one’s own divine core, to inner truth, to recognize one’s own responsibilities and to open oneself in devotion to the divine grace. This brings support and transformation into all that requires it.
We all have untouched potentials that can now be awakened. The Starlight Worlds and Starlight Systems bring infinite amounts of supportive light energies into the Earth’s system and to each individual.

Listen to the heartbeat of Mother Earth. She carries and supports everyone who wants to connect with their higher self again. There is so much light that can flow from within the earth to the surface and that unites with the energy from heaven.
Living your life in alignment with the natural law is one of the greatest keys of this time. Through this, solutions beyond polarity can come into one’s life from the flow of unity with creation.

Humanity is going through an awakening process; even if this is not always communicated immediately and world events play out a different scenario.
The golden stream of bliss and the stream of infinity flow continuously through all the earthly worlds and systems wherever they can fall on fertile ground.

The other areas are allowed to wither. All the forces that turn against life can leave. The decision is left to each individual. Choose wisely and each day anew, which forces you allow to take the lead in your life. Be strong and unwavering in your light connection and in living your truth and love.
Be an inspiration to those in your life who are looking for it. You have the full support of heaven and earth.
Om Namah Shivaya

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