New Moon Crystal 09/03/16

The current energy quality for the new moon crystal is

New light worlds and light beings are starting to communicate.

The manifestation of the Golden Age is happening in waves. The golden light from heaven brings the light impulses to earth which are received through the Shakti energy. New creation is creating itself. This follows the rhythm of the moon as the female creation energies are connected with the rhythm and the cycles of the moon.

With every new moon, new energies are coming to earth. These new energies are charged into the new moon crystal. New moon crystals are carried on the heart chakra. They enhance the flow of the golden waves to earth. They support each individual but also earth in its new creation flow.

The more people wear a new moon crystal, the easier the light from heaven can unite with earth. For the individual, the new moon crystal supports the flow from your own heaven to Earth. It brings joy and ease into your life.

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