New Moon Message (7 September, 2021)

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New Moon Message 07.09.2021

The crystallization of light creates sacred spaces.

It is now more important than ever to create sacred spaces on earth. Be it your own inner sacred space, sacred spaces as living spaces, as healing spaces, as places of worship, for meditation and sacred spaces as temples in nature and in houses. The divine light needs these sacred spaces as a natural presence on earth. To make this happen, the crystallization of light is now differently than it was in earlier times. The crystal worlds have always served the manifestation of light, so that light has an expression that can be experienced and felt on earth. This is now happening more intensely through the liquid crystal levels, which unite with the already existing crystal levels of the earth.

The sacred spaces that arise through the crystallization of light are untouchable and unaffected by everything that is otherwise happening in the world and in life. They are spaces where light expresses itself quite naturally on earth, where the connection to one’s own heaven and the new connection to earth take place and can be lived in a fresh and new way.

The starlight worlds pour out more energy information for the new era. New ways of building and creating are becoming accessible. This is not done through visualization. Imagination cannot create things in reality.
It takes the real energetic manifestation that is possible through the crystallization of light. There are steps needed to be taken. They contain new access levels and the awakening in the creation levels of the chakras, access to the crystal worlds from the new dimensions of Christ light and the Starlight. Realms.

Everyone gets the guidance they long for and that they invite into their life. There are various initiation paths that make this accessible on a large and small scale, on a global scale and on an individual basis.
Follow your own path. Find out how to build your sacred spaces. There are masters who accompany and guide you in this. The unformed gets given a shape. There are sacred mantras that support this. The crystallization of light is fascinating and everyone who dives into these crystalline creation levels and is initiated into them can implement this directly in their life.

Sacred spaces are the new form of incarnation. It’s about creating places and new homes where the harmony with creation in accordance with one’s own development can be naturally lived.
These sacred spaces help you to consciously and joyfully take your place in a new form on earth.

Om Namah Shivaya

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