New Moon Message (20 APRIL, 2023)

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It is my pleasure to share the New Moon Message for the New Moon on 20 April with you all.

New dimensions of Christ Light can be experienced.

With the new moon cycle that begins on 20 April, new dimensions of Christ Light can be experienced. These new dimensions of the Christ Light can be experienced not only in the light worlds that are now coming to Earth, but directly in our own light system. This has to do with the fact that the Earth gives birth to the Christ Light from within, sends it to the surface through the rising light forces and allows it to flow into the energy bodies of all beings. This awakens new resonances in one’s own energy system for the Christ light, which flows into the earthly system from far away dimensions, from other levels of creation of light.

The Christ Light nourishes the hearts, promotes awakening and brings the focus back to one’s own inner truth. It makes the divine temple in the heart chakra shine from within. The new dimensions of the Christ Light come down to earth via Venus. They touch the hearts with the energy of Venus and the Christ Light. It is the answer to the longing of the soul to be able to experience and live love and light in a new way.
New dimensions of the Christ Light, however, do not only come via Venus, but also from the Cosmic Light Worlds into the earthly system. They contain new healing information and open new ways of communication. They promote the awakening in one’s own light presence. They awaken the memory of one’s own origin and one’s own tasks, which now want to be fulfilled with the beginning of the heart chakra age.
In these new dimensions of the Christ light, light and love unite in a joint power and in a joint flow. They announce the unity with creation. They prepare the evolution into the golden heart chakra. Anyone who is ready to set out on this path only needs to open themselves like a flower to the light.
Once the resonances have come alive, a natural flow of starlight arises in the body and all the different energy bodies. The aura begins to shine. Previously untouched aspects are given the opportunity to reveal themselves. The new dimensions of the Christ Light flow through the 108 Heavenly Gates of the Christ Light into the energy field of the Earth, to places, people and the beings.
All the communities that serve the Christ Light, such as the Essenes and the New Essenes and the Community of loving starlight beings for the Earth are contributing their part. All Sacred Fires that honour and invite this energy help to come into contact with the new dimensions of the Christ Light.
Everyone who feels the call to participate is welcome. There are initiation paths to receive new tools and methods from the new dimensions of Christ Light. From the pure unformed state they become accessible through the new liquid crystal levels of Christ Light.
The heart chakras want to shine in the new light. New ways of living love are within reach.
Embark on a journey of discovery. Shed the old shells and ideas. It is a fresh new start. There is nothing that has already been written about it.
Everyone is starting a new chapter in their life. Don’t fill this new chapter or new book with old stories. Be ready for the brand new. Let yourselves be carried up to these new dimensions and at the same time stay connected to the Christ light that comes from within the earth. It provides you with the ruby-red nourishing flow of Mother Earth.
The awakening in the new Christ light is the resurrection in the new time.

Om Namah Shivaya.

Enjoy this wonderful New Moon energy!

With lots of love and starlight blessings,


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