New Moon Message (30 May, 2022)

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New Moon Message 30.05.2022

Trust in the divine power.

With the new moon cycle, heaven is now increasingly pouring out energies that strengthen trust in divine power. In these turbulent times, when nothing seems to last and one’s own energy resources are no longer enough to cope with the changes, it is wise to become aware of one’s divine power. One’s own divine power centre provides everything that is needed for life.

Even if the divine power is present in all levels of creation, i.e. in all chakras, the main presence of the divine power is in the navel chakra. This is where the divine power core exists, which is always there, undeterred by the ups and downs and the errors and confusions.

The focus on the divine light, the devotion and willingness to come true in life in harmony with creation, releases the energies form the divine power core. These energies can go into everything, into your own ideas, visions and projects.
It is the power that allows everyone to step forward courageously, to stand up for themselves and to manifest their own visions. It is the divine power that gives independence and is unconditional. Where else should the energy come from to lead your own life self-sufficiently and with integrity?

Hence, another aspect of grace is poured out of the Golden Light of Heaven and is received by Mother Earth. This gives and strengthens the trust in divine power.

It’s about leading your own energies to yourself, focusing on yourself, on the essentials, on your own inner core.
Especially in a world where everything seems unpredictable and uncertain, it is a call to turn inwards; to clear your own resonance fields and to trust that what shows itself to be true can also be lived.

Open yourself to these new currents coming out of the Black-Golden Ray for the next new moon cycle. Use the energy to fully arrive within yourself. Put out your antennas for your divine power.

Completely immerse yourself in the Orange-Golden Light so that your entire being is touched and filled with it.

The divine power helps to realize one’s own soul dreams and to live one’s own abundance. The devotion to the divine light is the key that unlocks this inherent power station.

Om Namah Shivaya

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