New Moon Message (19 August, 2020)

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New Moon Message 19.08.2020

New creation spaces open in the heart chakra.

The levels of creation of light now take part in the creation on earth in a completely new way. This is particularly noticeable in the heart chakra, as it is the ruling chakra for the new age. It holds infinitely many levels of light, potentials and qualities that are waiting to be opened up, to be used to redesign one’s own life. New spaces of creation open up in the heart chakra for this to happen.

With this new moon cycle, the streams of creation from heaven and earth are increasingly coming together to enable this opening up. For this there are keys in the various light levels and light realms of every single being, in heaven and in the earth. They act as an awakening code or as an activation code. At the moment when the being is ready to open up new creation spaces, the way to do it becomes visible.
A completely new flow can be created via the time gates, which are located in the heart chakra. Levels of light that could not yet be contacted become accessible. One’s own creation levels of light gradually open up.
The creation levels and the creation spaces in the heart chakra contain an infinite abundance. Once they are opened, the light begins to flow. New dimensions are beginning to communicate. One’s own being can be experienced more than ever. Everything that we bring to earth as light beings is shared through the love of the heart chakra; it touches the earth and other beings.

Go on a discovery journey. Free your heart from limiting structures. All the other chakras are aligned with the heart chakra for the new golden age.
When new creation spaces open up in the heart chakra, the other chakras resonate accordingly in order to take part in the new creation flow.
The gifts of one’s own heaven are well preserved in the depths of the heart chakra. Like in a treasure chest that can now be opened, they want to enrich one’s own life and bring into the world that which gives fulfilment to one’s own soul.
Many things that had to wait in secret are beginning to show themselves. Unexpected treasures come to the surface. The times of restraint and forgetting are over. You are allowed to bring your lightful gifts into the world. There is nothing you have to wait for. Say yes to yourself and your life task. Find fulfilment in what you do.

Immerse yourself in the depths of your heart chakra, experience unlimited space and, if necessary, look for someone who can accompany and guide you. Invite the creation song of heaven and of earth into your heart at the same time. This will help you open up more and more.

Om Namah Shivaya

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