New Moon Message (1 February, 2022)

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New Moon message 01.02.2022

The Divine Light penetrates the earthly structures to stimulate new forms to live light on earth.

With the new moon on February 1, 2022, the divine light from the origin of creation streams into the earthly system with greater penetrating power. Existing structures and collective fields must be penetrated so that it can fall on fertile ground. This happens in the individual as well as for the earth itself.
Strong clouded fields are still active at the moment. The light receptors are overloaded and covered by all the earthly fields, like the mental fields, the collective fields and the information overload that humans are exposed to.

As a result, the impulses from the original source of creation cannot even be received in their pure form. In order to counteract this, the divine light now comes with a different power and a gentle, constant permeation in each individual and also in the earthly systems.
The development of the earth wants to continue moving forward. Nothing and nobody can prevent this, even if some forces resist it so much.
The receptiveness of the Shakti powers of Mother Earth is so strong that they act like a magnet for the divine light.

The earth has prepared itself accordingly. The incarnated beings must do this for themselves as well. Everyone is free to decide which powers to hand over the leadership in his or her life. It is more important than ever to create one’s own permeability for the new levels of light, to strengthen the receptiveness and to support one’s own energy system and physical body accordingly.
Starlight plays a crucial role in this. It has a special carrying capacity and brings the necessary support wherever it is needed. Countless starlight beings and the angels from the starlight worlds accompany the process of the new creation and the further development of everyone who is currently incarnated on earth.

It is the time of consciously turning to the starlight worlds and their accompanying beings. This breaks through the clouded fields, allowing light from heaven to pass through freely. When the leadership of the light meets the receptiveness of the Shakti, new forms of living light on earth are created. It is the light revolution for the new era that overwrites everything that has happened before. Only what serves the new can continue to exist.

A new cycle has begun. The earth is in joyful anticipation for whatever gifts heaven pours out. The new dimensions of light want to take shape on earth. The crystallization of light makes this possible. The interaction of the starlight worlds and the crystal worlds can be experienced more and more.

Break free from the old belief systems and ideas. Bring yourself into your life with your light. The creation flow takes its natural course and all are invited to participate and contribute. It’s up to you to decide. The Divine Light levels hold nothing back. The cornucopia of the Divine Mother pours out with her blessings.

Om Namah Shivaya

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