New Moon Message (23 November, 2022)

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New Moon Message 23.11.2022

Divine grace is boundless.

Divine grace is, always, everywhere and without conditions and can be experienced completely unexpectedly in life. Divine grace has its origin in the love of Father Heaven and the Divine Mother of all worlds. It has many forms of expression and is not always perceived for what it really is.

With this new moon cycle we can be prepared to experience and learn about the divine aspects of grace. It is God’s answer to the longing of the hearts for reconnection, for being able to live in unity, for liberation from karmic structures. Divine grace is the only thing that can override the natural law. We are blessed in these times when divine grace is now being poured out more abundantly as divine light takes over again on earth.
Divine grace cannot be wished for, forced or asked for. The key is a devoted willingness to walk one’s own path, to live one’s own complete soul reality on earth, to take one’s own place and to accept the gifts of heaven.

Through divine grace, destiny can change. When the hearts of human beings connect in a common flow and open the gates, this can lead to unimagined outpourings of divine grace that affect not only individuals but whole regions, areas or countries. It is the divine love that pours out unconditionally.
The avatars connected with the evolution of the earth are expressions of this divine grace. In meeting them, everything is possible.

The start of this new moon cycle falls on Sai Baba’s birthday.

Sathya Sai Baba, who unites the divine truth and the energy of Father and Mother God in an infinite outpouring for the benefit of all. We are blessed in these times, however turbulent the world may be. Align your fine antennas with the divine levels, again and again, until the noise of the outside world no longer touches you.
Om Namah Shivaya

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