New Moon Message (20 July, 2020)

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The creation flow is accelerating.

The new moon cycle that begins 20 July 2020 is shaped by the increasing fire energy. The fire element is becoming stronger, both in the human energy system as well as on and in the earth. This leads to an acceleration of the creation flow. This is necessary so that everything that needs to be transformed on earth dissolves faster and the new creation impulses can start with a stronger manifestation power.

Many things have accumulated over time and are integrated into energetic chains that are now breaking open, be it in emotional chains or complex mental fields, collectively and individually, which repeatedly cause chain reactions. This makes it more difficult to realise one’s own creation impulses on a large and small scale. The power of light that is expressed through the chakras in order to actively take part in shaping the world is vastly increased. Resources that have not yet been used will be become available. Everything that happens has a greater intensity. Therefore, it is more important than ever to be aligned with one’s own divine plan. To be able to realign and re-tune again and again, the focus on the heart chakra, living truthfulness and being in harmony with oneself, create the basis for dealing with the changed creation energies and flows.
The creation flow is accelerating and the creation flow through the chakras is also changing drastically. This is unusual for your own energy system and can lead to irritation. It is good to be aware of it, and then take your own steps and find ways to deal with the stronger fire energy in your system and what is happening in the world. The acceleration prompts you to keep balancing yourself, to bring the bodies energy system into balance, to harmonise the chakra system and to open up new levels of consciousness. It helps with recognising what is really going on in life.
An accelerated creation flow means that your own leadership energy is in demand more than ever, both in the sense of opening to the divine guidance and consciously directing and guiding the new creation energies. It is one of the great gifts that everything is speeding up. As a result, your own goals can be achieved faster, ideas get the necessary push to be implemented.

The creation energy itself does not differentiate for what purposes it is used. Everything is currently being intensified. It is therefore important to be calm within yourself, to be able to consciously invite and strengthen the peace energy in life, to be in contact with your own truth and to be aware of where the journey is going.
New doors open, new rooms can be entered. Being devoted to the divine fire and your own creation flow brings happiness. Finding the fulfilment of your own tasks and fulfilment in your own life, is nurtured by the inner fire in all chakras.

Be ready for the acceleration of the creation flow. The energy gates are wide open. You can surf the golden waves and arrive where it is right for you, or be shaken by them. The turbulent times continue.
You are carried by the light and love of creation that creates new life.

Om Namah Shivaya

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