New Moon Message (21 March, 2023)

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New Moon Message 21.03.2023

The rising light forces of the earth give freedom.

Wonderfully, the new moon in March coincides with the beginning of spring, which everyone is usually already awaiting joyfully. In nature it is obvious that the rising energies of the earth want to make everything sprout and blossom. The plant kingdom is always ready to receive them and grow.

What is special in this new moon cycle is that the rising light forces from the earth want to nourish and liberate all beings. The time of hibernation is over. In these times when so many have withdrawn themselves and it seems grey and dark outside as in winter and the light of the sun is missed, it is now time to let the rising light forces of the earth touch and liberate you from within.

The light from the earth connects with the light of the heaven in a strong upward current in order to strengthen the connection to one’s own heaven, to the forces of light, and to make the focus on this free from external influences.
For some it may be unusual that forces of light rise upwards from the earth. It shows the new time, that the earth is giving birth to light for the awakening in the heart chakra age, for the awakening of the nurturing and empowering Shakti forces. Just as plants naturally turn to the light when they are supplied by the earth with growth energy, with the water of life, this is now also possible for human beings as they are incarnated light beings.

It is about awakening and reconnecting to the light power of heaven and earth and also about not letting this connection be disturbed or interrupted by anything or anyone. Let your inner light shine. Allow the ascending light forces to free and cleanse you from the resonances with others, with the outside world, with negative collective fields and with the light-avoiding forces.
The light forces from the earth are strong and create a new foundation. They unite with the new light forces coming from heaven. In this combined power, liberation can happen instantly. Open yourselves in devotion for this support. It is up to you whether you open yourselves to it or not.
The new shoots of light have so much power that they can simply break through the old shells from within and these shells can fall away.

It is the time for new connections in order to be able to live your own light and love in the joyful flow of creation. Earth and heaven are united and give their combined power to everyone who opens up to it.
The light forces within want to be consciously nourished and strengthened. They are located in the seven main chakras of every being and from there the light expands further with all its power, its love, its happiness. This is how new presence and new flow can be created.

Make conscious contact with your light forces within you and around you. There is nothing more beautiful than to create your own life out of it.
Om Namah Shivaya.

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