New Moon Message (29 June, 2022)

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New Moon Message 29.06.2022

The creation flow between heaven and earth is speeding up.

So many things have been put on hold in the last one to two years, the flow has been stopped or paused and yet the light development of the earth wants to continue. Light from all heavens and starlight worlds is waiting to come to earth and help shape the creation of the new age there. Consequently, with the next new moon cycle, the creation flow between heaven and earth is speeding up.

The creation of light does not wait for individuals to decide. Earth is ready, Heaven is ready. As such, much more light is pouring out than before, and these creation levels of light are striving for manifestation. In order for them to be realized, the creation flow needs to be accelerated. For individuals, this happens through their own chakras. For the earth as a being, it happens through her chakras. For the environment, it happens through the existing chakra places.
From the original source of light, the manifold light frequencies and light levels stream through all worlds until they arrive on earth. Countless light beings and worlds are actively participating in the new creation cycle on earth. They accompany these levels of light so that they can flow into the earthly structure in their pure form.

It is the divine fire that clears the way. It is devotion and love to the Divine Mother that invites the light of creation from heaven to earth.
Make sure your own energy system is permeable and receptive. Shed even more of old shells and limitations to let yourself accelerate in the joyful flow.
This light energy is available for everything, for your own plans and projects. Everything that serves the greater good, experiences an energy boost. It attracts support from the earth as well as from all light beings, whether they are incarnated or not incarnated.

The ideal inner attitude is to be aligned; focused on the essentials and on your own manifestation steps. It helps a lot to be awake to your own time windows that are opening up now.
Ensure a healthy and balanced energy in the physical chakras, in the body and in the energetic chakras.
Free yourself from limiting ideas, perspectives and expectations. Then the acceleration of the creation flow brings you to the very levels that will support you the most, which will help you to realize yourself and take your place on Earth.
The creation flow cannot be pushed or manipulated. The acceleration only happens with devotion and within the frame of the divine natural law of everyone involved. New flows want to be created. In her unconditional nature, the Divine Mother provides for all beings.
Exhilarating happiness, recognising one’s own origin, visions from the divine are the gifts that this new moon cycle brings with it.
Om Namah Shivaya

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