New Moon Message (25 September, 2022)


New Moon Message 25.09.2022

The light from the origin can be experienced.

With the beginning of the new moon cycle, the light flows from the source of all being to touch the beings in their inner core with its light frequencies. With life on earth and all its earthly limitations, most have forgotten whom they are, where they come from and where their journey wants to go.

In the energy system, the resonances on the earthly levels, the collective fields and the direct surrounding environment are therefore more active than on one’s own light. The light from the origin penetrates these limitations with its intensified creation power and awakens the resonances for one’s own creation light. This light announces one’s own home, one’s own abilities and qualities that have been brought into this life or can arrive newly from heaven.

It comes with the gentle call: Remember, Awaken, Set out to lift the veils.
Allow your human consciousness to be touched by the light of origin. This activates higher levels of consciousness up to divine perception.
The energy systems are sometimes still so clogged and overlaid that it is not so easy to get in touch with your own spiritual home, your own origin.

It is in the gift of the Divine Mother to pour out and share the light from the origin more intensely and therefore to touch not only the inner core but also the inner heart.
Let the longing for fulfillment grow stronger within you. It attracts the supporting light forces like a magnet.
Take time to reflect on yourselves. Draw back, cleanse your energy system and your body of the layers. Create a free flow of energies. The light from the origin touches, gives healing and awakens memories. It makes it easy to dive into the creation flow of unity.

The energy in this new moon cycle helps to re-set, realign one’s system and restore or re-establish the natural order within. The light from the origin harmonises the light in all the chakras. It stimulates the natural flows in the body and in the energy bodies.
In the simultaneity past, present and future merge into a common stream of light in which everything is possible. Let yourselves be touched by it. Consciously take time for this every day and return nourished and strengthened to shape your life anew.

The light from the origin brings with it the synchronisation of your life flow with your creation flow.
These are blessed times, even if things are turbulent and challenging on the outside. It is up to you to choose what you align yourself with in each moment and each day anew.

Surf your own creation wave of light. Your time is now.

Om Namah Shivaya.

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