New Moon Message (8 August, 2021)

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New Moon Message 08.08.2021

The creation flow strives for fulfilment.

The creation flow from heaven to earth is equipped with infinite light particles that combine to form a new light matrix. Each one is fully equipped with the power of manifestation to become reality on earth. The creation flow goes through all chakras and from there into life. In the moment when it begins to flow, be it for your own daily goals, for plans and projects, or the long-term goals, everything is geared towards achieving the goal and completing it.

On its way it attracts all the energies that it takes for manifestation.

This works on the principle of resonance. All who have something to do with it are touched by the creation flow and become active. Everything comes together in perfect harmony. The only thing that is needed is the willingness of those who are responsible for the fulfilment of the creation flow.

The creation flows are vital, powerful currents that come from heaven, from the cosmos into the earthly system and then find their expression through the chakras on earth.

There are completely new ways of making things happen and bringing them into shape. It’s about letting yourself fall completely into this abundant creation flow, keeping your own system permeable and taking action according to your own time gates.

Everything is already stored in its perfect form as light information like in the divine blueprint, like data compression, which can then be developed accordingly. The key to all of this is devotion coupled with leadership energy. Everything on earth strives for fulfilment.

Because the creation flow accelerates from heaven to earth, things can be set in motion and achieved much faster. The manifestation from unity into diversity can happen right away. This cannot be grasped or analysed by the mind. These are the creation secrets of light that can be lived in a new form. In this way, divine reality can become earthly reality. Everything is provided and can bring happiness into your own life.

The wonders of creation beyond human limitations can be experienced here and now. Be ready to adapt your chakras to the new creation flow. Rejoice in being alive, in the light of creation, which becomes visible in all its colours and takes shape.

Om Namah Shivaya

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