New Moon Message (28 July, 2022)

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New Moon Message 28.07.2022
New healing knowledge from the starlight worlds comes to Earth.
From the golden starlight worlds of heaven and the starlight systems, new healing knowledge is being released for the earthly system and the people.
The energetic circumstances on Earth and for the physical and the energy bodies of all incarnated beings have changed so much that previously existing systems of healing cannot always lead to successful healing. Sometimes such dense energies have manifested in the energy bodies and in the physical body that block the natural flows and disturb the body’s ability to balance itself.
Therefore, it calls for new healing knowledge from other dimensions that bring new ways of healing.
Another area serves to make available new healing knowledge that supports the already evolved light bodies and the physical body to raise the energy vibration to a higher energy level.
This healing knowledge helps to contact, awaken and open up potentials that are still dormant in the energy system of the body and the energy bodies.
This new healing knowledge comes from the levels of unity and supports the integration and building of the new DNA on earth.
It helps to adapt to the new light and creation levels more easily. This is a healing path that can only happen in the natural law and only in the stages that are beneficial for each individual.
It is above all the golden starlight levels from the Pleiades and from the Great Central Sun that provide the new healing knowledge for the earthly system. All of this is carried and nourished by the White-Golden Lotus of the new time and the new Shakti levels of the Divine Mother. It stimulates new healing currents and opens new channels of communication.
There are corresponding levels of resonance in the chakras that can be touched and awakened by the streams of light in this new moon cycle. It is about harmony within your own energy system and harmony between people, beings and worlds.
Open yourselves in devotion to this gracious stream of light. Get support where you can find it for yourselves. Let yourselves be touched by the new streams of healing and the new healing knowledge that can come to you and into your lives through dimensional gates, portals and power places.
Om Namah Shivaya.
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