New Moon Message (13 March, 2021)

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New Moon Message 13.03.2021

The seeds of light are coming to life.

In this new moon cycle, the seeds of light that were laid in the earth and that also exist in individual beings come to life.
This is stimulated by the rising forces of light from the earth as well as by the light levels of heaven, which come to earth through the new dimensional gates.

These light seeds have waited a long time for this. They slumbered well protected within the earth. The light that comes to earth through the dimensional gates acts like the sun does, which in spring stimulates everything that exists as seeds in the earth to grow.

It is the same in the energy system of incarnated beings on earth. Seeds of light are waiting there to be touched and awakened by the new levels of light that are now entering creation. Everyone has such light seeds whether they are aware of it or not.
They need loving attention and the awakening awareness. They want to be nourished by one’s own love and the light from one’s own creation level. These light seeds can be found both via the root chakra and the heart chakra in order to nourish them with everything that is needed. Through this the infinite stream of bliss, which nourishes everything through the original source of creation and brings it to bloom, supports you.

In these seeds of light everything is stored to the smallest detail of what would like to happen on earth and in one’s own life. It is the miracle of creation that the complete matrix is in the seeds of light and strives for manifestation.

It is a very conscious and active time where everyone is asked to follow their own divine blueprint, the master plan of their soul, and to bring it into life. This corresponds to the fulfilment of one’s own soul plan. According to what you set out to do, there may be many seeds for which you are responsible. Get in touch with the seeds of light. Find your own resonance and responsibility in order to then take care of the growth and blossoming of these seeds of light with joy and devotion.

For the earth itself, they are seeds of light that were put at focal points, power places and lotus places. Nature and landscape temples can be created there. The totality of all light seeds forms a golden network of light in and on earth. It also gets reinforcement from the light seeds of heaven, which begin to come to life the moment they enter into the earthly system.

The abundance of light seeks manifestation on earth. The abundance of the light of the soul strives for fulfillment in one’s own life.
Everything is possible. You live in the time of unlimited possibilities and you have the support of all light forces that actively participate in the creation of the golden age.

Om Namah Shivaya

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