New Moon Message (13 January, 2021)

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New Moon Message 13.01.2021

The divine order is going to be restored.

In these turbulent times, when everything has turned upside down and many things no longer work, and the new is not yet within reach, tangible or perceivable, support is given by the spiritual world as a special blessing. It comes with the announcement that divine order will be restored. The divine order, the natural law of creation, joins with the united force of all those who are incarnated for it into the earthly system. Through this orientation and guidance arrive and the new light structures that are needed on earth begin to communicate.

The divine order, like the divine blueprint, is laid out in all levels of creation so that they can be aligned towards it. It is like the inner core and the clear, untouched pillar of light that gives everyone who is looking for it support in the change and transformation that is taking place.
It’s about tuning in and opening oneself, in order to recognize what the divine order means for life. In the divine order everything has its natural place and is part of the common flow of creation that pours from heaven into earth.

The clearing that is needed on earth continues. The levels of consciousness that open up through the natural law help to experience and recognize the truth in the heart. Natural flows want to be restored. Oneness, harmony, being connected with everything, these are the gifts of the new time. New positions want to be filled.

The awakening in ones own light and love, saying unconditionally Yes to oneself, inviting oneself over and over again and stepping into creation, marks the new moon phase in 2021.

Divine law overwrites the earthly created laws and structures. Natural law should be the guidance in one’s own life. Everything that happens from it serves for the benefit of all. Even if this is not always immediately apparent or recognizable in the limited humanly view.

The entire energy system experiences an increase in energy and renewal when it aligns with natural law and divine order. Your own place becomes clear and precise. When everyone takes their place and lives what they came here for, the world changes accordingly. It is more important than ever that the right beings come together, new communities emerge and networks form, in which everyone joyfully makes their own contribution to create a new world.

Be receptive and full of devotion. Invite the divine order into your life, allow it to permeate your system and bring it according to your creation task, into all the areas and systems for which you are responsible. You are not alone. When the divine order lays itself in the system as a matrix, things happen that may previously have seemed impossible. If you need help, it will be given to you. Find those you can partner with to make a big difference. It is the time for a new beginning and a new creation on the basis of divine order and natural law.


Om Namah Shivaya

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